Capricho Covers Isle Esme From Their Boat

A group of people from Capricho took a trip to the Isle Esme location and took pictures from their boat in the areas where they were permitted. More photos at their site. Full report via Google translation under the cut(sorry running out the door and I don’t have time to clean it up) to stop those of you who are avoiding spoilers from seeing them.

Via Team Twilight Brazil

Also a great before and after view of the island on Twilight Treasury. They imported one heck of a lot of sand to fill out the beach.


Ay, ay, ay! *-*

Anyone who knows me knows that I must be the craziest Twilight reporter on the planet, right? Now just imagine my happiness when I went to the “Isle Esme”, where the most romantic scenes of “Sunrise” will happen?

Motorboat, 25 minutes are up Mamanguá here in Paraty. I left the marina at 11 am, all urged to, to find the setting for the recordings. Neither the wild waves prevented me from getting there, hahaha!

Seriously … The Island is really beautiful! Water and superverdinha, the clean sand and whim was the first and only to spend hours on duty there in front (imagine my tan right now, hahaha!).

At the site, has a bigger house, where the recordings are made, and a smaller, where production is being made. Contrary to what many people said so, access the island is not that hard. While we were there, nobody stopped us anything. Yes there was, however, an isolation area that began around 150 or 200 yards from the house.

As the whim told you, Robert and Kristen have descended on the island, on Sunday. Despite the possibility of the actors have been sleeping here in Paraty, a source told us that the actors are in a house, and the simplest island, to facilitate movement to the recordings. While there, we found the house:

OMG, that is the costumes and those are the pillows from the scene of the honeymoon?

In “Isle Esme”, the production is a mile a minute. The recordings should happen tomorrow so, since a house was being imploded next to the site and the producers did not want anything that messed up the perfect shot.

Today? Today was just to set the stage … perfect.

hile we were there we saw the decoration rolling loose. A staff worked to leave the sand perfect for the scenes, while other staff decorated the entrance with plants and artificial flowers.

If you saw Robert and Kristen here? Not yet! But we will not come unglued glue them not to see?


  1. You all are awesome!!

    Keep up the great updates!!

    Can’t wait for this movie!!

  2. Thank you for all the great updates! So exciting. I am glad there are so many blocks and security measures. It would ruin the filming if it were all paps and helicopters throughout. Let them film it!!!So we can watch it soon!!! Im afraid for the Lousianna shooting- the paps are going to be crazy!

    • Twilight_News says:

      They will have a tough time in Louisiana unless they have X-Ray vision. The shooting there will be like 90% interiors

  3. Aline Altmann says:


    In case you don’t understand some parts:
    – “Water and superverdinha” it means “the water is super green”
    – and please change “whim” for “Capricho” (the name of the magazine)


  4. Oh my! Thank you for these updates, each one just gets better and better! When you first showed pictures of the house I thought, “Beautiful, but I always imagined the sand came right up to the house…” And now comes the “AFTER” picture, and it’s perfect! I am already super-impressed by Bill Condon & crew. I have high hopes for this one! 😀

  5. Thank you for the updates! How exciting, it seems Isle Esme is very close to how the book describes, I’m hoping they keep this one as close to the book as possible.

    They have only been filiming for a few days, I anticipate it is going to be a long year lol!!


  6. I just hope that Kristen remembers what her fingers are for in the honeymoon scenes, as she seemed afraid of touching and running them thru Robs hair inthe Lapa kissing scenes. Heis the one who is supposed to be careful in touching her so he doesn’t hurt her, not the other way around.

  7. awww i was expecting a boat full of feathers

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