Lots of Twilight Shout Outs

New Moon was featured on the most recent episode of The Big Bang Theory.(TY to Stephanie)

Jack Black mentions Stephenie in Gulliver’s Travels (TY to James)


  1. SilverTongueDevil says:

    I can’t believe that nothing is mentioned about “Tweenlight” last night on The Simpsons. Rob Pattinson’s “Harry Potter” co-star Daniel Radcliff did the voice of Edmond.

    • They’ve been talking about that Simpsons episode for a couple weeks now, so I suppose this is new stuff.

    • As I listened to XM Altnation, the DJ made a very nice reference to Muse and how important their contributions to music are, and just as important that they inspired Stephenie Meyer to write the twilight saga. Made me smile!

  2. Twilight was also mentioned on a recent Castle episode. One of the detectives was compared to Rob. I think it was the episode before Halloween.

  3. Was so excited to see the New Moon book in Koothrappali’s hands….LOVE that show

  4. LOL. Hot mom who wrote twilight.

  5. the raj thing was definitely awesome! though i’m wondering: is that a hardcover, movie edition copy? and: how do i get one? 🙂

  6. I love Big Bang Theory ! Twilight is that big were it needs to be mentioned.

  7. I’m glad that we got the Jack Black mention of Smeyer. I saw the trailer on Io9 and only for that I will be watching the movie.

  8. Did anyone see “Life As We Know It”…Katherine Heigl’s new movie?? She mentions “Taylor Swift and that ‘kid from Twilight'” (or it might be that “Twilight kid”…can’t remember exactly) in it! Yeah Twilight! PS…My Bella Bedding came in the mail yesterday! Thanks Lexicon for letting me know that it was onsale AND had free shipping!

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