Isle Esme Resort Profiled

FoForks profiled what the Isle Esme resort looked like last week. Here are the details:

“We have dozens of excellent pictures from all angles, places and flavors of the wonderful house that would be used as set on Esme Island, during the shooting of ‘Breaking Dawn’ in Rio, in addition to some other information about the possible location:

Located at a paradisiacal region, the house designed by Thiago Bernardes has a complete infrastructure, with confort and privacy, in 220 meters of private beach. Besides, it has exclusive access by boat or helicopter. The accommodation has 2 suites with King Size beds, 2 suites with twin beds and independent rooms. There are 720 meters of decks and balcony with panoramic view and a complete kitchen. The house can be rented for holydays, with it’s daily rate ranging from 8 to 15 thousand reais ( 5.000 to 9.000 us dollars) , depending of the period of the year. You can check the house’s website at”

On Foforks see:

Aeriel photos of the beach
Outside Photos
Inside Photos

As has been previously reported, the location is reachable only by boat. The cast is taking a helicopter from Rio to a location nearby the island and then a boat from there. The location is completely secure. The public will not be allowed on site to observe from a distance. All crew members have signed strict confidentiality agreements with serious monetary and possible criminal penalties if footage is released.


  1. Resort ? I don’t remember it being that in the book. But if it’s the Cullen residence it’s believable even though it’s bigger then what’s written in the book. The Cullens could afford something like this.

  2. It is much bigger than what was described in the book. I pictured something much more quaint, homey. The wall to wall windows is the only thing that matches what I pictured.

    • I’m sure they can film it in a way that makes it look much smaller than it really is. We’re just seeing the big picture. Bummer no photos will probably be leaked for this. A year before Beachward is a long time.

      • I hope so. I actually meant to add that to this comment but the baby woke from her nap and I had to post and grab her! 🙂 I’m betting they’ll make it look much smaller. They could take just the middle and CGI out the rest, add trees and stuff around and it would be perfect!

  3. Brazil is the most beautiful country in the wolrd!!!! I love my country!!

  4. It’s definitely bigger than what I pictured/described in the book. But if it’s what they cold find to fit their needs than I’m okay with it. (Which I assume it is. It’s like the Cullen house different than described. But SM did come up w/these houses on her own. It’s gotta be hard to find existing houses that match what she imagined.) There are more important thing to these scenes than the house. 😉

  5. I don’t think I like it. It doesn’t have the “Homey” feel that I had hoped for.

  6. EverythingRemindsMeofTwilight says

    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!! YIPPEEE!! 😀

  7. I’m sticking to the reporting from now on and skipping the comments. Usually it is so fun to read as others share in my love of this series but it has become a nit-pickfest……..’it’s not what I pictured’, his hair is too short’, ‘his hair is too dark’, I thought she wore a blue dress on the flight’. Good freakin’ grief……how about some of you go rustle up a producer and financial backers and film your own freakin’ movie that is in ‘your’ mind’s eye and get the bitchin’ and moanin’ out of your system that way!

    • So true!! People nit-pick before they even see the end results. So annoying. Just like some were commenting on the vidoes that were posted about Edward not wearing a wedding ring. I did not even notice and don’t think it’s a big deal. My husband doesn’t wear his. Can’t remember if Edward wore one in the book. Will have to read it again before next November.

    • I agree. We should just think that the director and production team know what is best. Plus Stephenie is there so if she let it be then we should too. I’m just excited for BD next year!!

    • Thank you, you’ve said everything that I wanted to say! Instead of saying, “wow, the place is really beautiful, It’s gonna be great”, no, this people have to complain about every single thing! Boooooooring! You’re definitely different types of fans…

  8. some of those interior pictures are exactly as I pictured. (expect the stairs)

    just because the ‘actual’ place (if they are filming there) is huge, they may only use a small portion of the place to make it look more intimate.

  9. Although I too pictured something much smaller and/or more quaint, it is gorgegous and I could certainly picture the Cullens owning something like that. It even has the large white poster bed! FEATHER’S ANYONE?! Hehehehe

    I think it will serve as a great Isle Esme and will turn out beautifully when filmed. I can’t wait to see how they film Bella meeting Edward for their late night renveous in the ocean!

  10. I think its absolutely beautiful, and even tho’ its bigger than imagined, I think it fits with all those windows. Glad I didn’t plan my trip to Baton Rouge this week, I would have been really disappointed. lol

  11. I think we know where every Die-hard fan will be honeymooning from now on…

    • Oh now THERE’S an idea!! How much do you want to bet this resort will soon have a honeymoon package? I can see it now…”Come stay here for your honeymoon. Feathers no additional charge!” hehe

  12. twilight dreamers says

    Very nice, its a very cool place and I can imagine the cullens enjoying a place this grand. I do hope those honeymoon scences playout nice…. ;D

  13. Way too big. I loved the descriptions of when they arrived at the house and the first night in the water. Maybe they are just using some interior stuff. They added CG floors onto the Cullen’s Washington house. I’m sure they can make this place look smaller.

  14. wow that house looks amazing. total paradise !

    i bet the rental price is going to shoot up after the film is released !!!

    maybe if i win the lottery i will have to have a holiday there myself 🙂

  15. RockinRobbin says

    It looks like an awesome place to honeymoon, but I sure would not want to have to clean that puppy, lol.

  16. i think it is perfect and for big time pic they can make anything look like anything it is suppose to look is a very beautiful place tho they are so lucky to get to use it in a movie..all and all i bet the movie is going to be awesome

  17. Twilight9009 says

    This place is gorgeous! I don’t care what was described in the book, (although I do love the book) this place is perfect for Edward and Bella’s honeymoon 🙂

  18. Nice I can wait to see it in the movie

  19. KSmithGray says

    Ah, my image was a little cottage that was cozy and quaint.

    Hope they don’t mess up Bella’s cottage.


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