Andrea Powell Cast in Breaking Dawn

Andrea Powell will be playing Sasha (no word on who will be playing the immortal children) in Breaking Dawn.

Via TwiFans


  1. Nice!! I wonder if they’ll introduce that story at the same point in the movie as the book? I kind of hope they’ll show Bella at the Cullens learning from Carlise.

  2. This is really cool ! So it looks like they’ll be adding flashbacks in the movies and showing background stories of things we didn’t get to see.

  3. Feeling a little dumb here, but who’s Sasha? Doesn’t remember that name being mentioned in the books..?

    • She was the ‘mother’ of Tanya, Kate and Irina. She was killed by the Volturi for keeping an immortal child.

  4. She looks like what I thought Sasha would look like. Seems like someone is trying hard to get it right.

  5. I love her on the gates…lol she plays a werewolf! How funny that she will be a vampire!

  6. Seriously? There are tons of characters that actually appear in BD, probably too many to give adequate screen time, and they are giving screen time to a character that is only mentioned? I would rather they gave that time to characters that actually have dialogue, etc., in the book…

  7. I was starting to think she wasn’t going to be in it.

  8. I Wonder How They Are Gonna Fit Her into The Story, Since They Marked Her Character, Sasha, as Deceased Before They Beginning Of Breaking Dawn…. Hmmm. Maybe Like A Flashback?

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