Brazil Breaking Dawn Filming at a Marina

Originally it was thought that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart would be filming in the streets in the LAPA section tonight. Instead they have been seen in the marina district where Rob is behind a wheel of a boat. There is some debate as to if this will be an actual shoot (given what they are wearing) or just a rehearsal for a later scene. Update: they have apparently wrapped Robert and Kristen who are on dinner break. They may shoot more after dinner or leave it to stunt doubles. Also newly appearing photos on Quem (scroll down)clearly indicate that Rob is in make-up so it was not just a rehearsal. According to the latest, they are done with dinner and driving around in the boat. Photos here.

It was verified by the RK_Br Twitter and BlogTwiBrasil that director Bill Condon was on site.

Given Rob’s previous experience w/all things mechanical, we’d just like to wish them all luck.

You can see more photos on Foforks and via Quem (aka Who magazine)

All photos are taken from behind established barriers.


  1. It looks like Rob’s wearing a wig in the first 2 photos, unless it’s his stunt double.

    Hopefully he doesn’t wear one, unless it’s a good one.

  2. the top 2 photos above are the stunt doubles
    see for better photos and the full info on everything breaking dawn related

  3. wow this is too cool

  4. These photos aren’t from foforks. These are from the gossip site

  5. Just so long as he doesn’t park the boat somewhere — and then forget where it is. 🙂

  6. This is so exciting!! Makes it all the more real. Can’t wait till next year! 🙂

  7. Yippee! They are going to Isle Esme. That is Bella’s traveling outfit. Cute! Ugh I cannot wait.

  8. I think those are their doubles though. They are wearing security badges.

  9. It looks to be white dress. If that is suppose to be Bella’s travle outfit it is the wrong colour – pg 71-72 BD deep blue colour. It is exciting to actually ‘see’ some filming finally being done.


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