FoForks Has More Details on Filming in Brazil

FoForks, the Brazilian Twilight site, has learned some more details about the upcoming shooting in Brazil. We are bullet-pointing the highlights. You can read the full version on FoForks if you throw the site through Google translate you get a pretty good idea. (Which is how we translated because our Portuguese helper wasn’t available tonight. So, we translated via Google translate and knowledge of similar words in Spanish)

Be warned there is a bit of a spoiler on how the scene in the water between Rob and Kristen will be shot assuming their info is accurate. To avoid the potential spoiler, we left it out of our translated bullet points, but you can see it on their site. (Remember: FoForks is in Portuguese not Spanish!)

  • Stephenie Meyer will be in Brazil
  • Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Sebastião Lemos and Virgüez Carolina (Kaure) are certain
  • Virgüez Carolina is a Colombian naturalized Brazilian actress with several awards and nominations under her belt
  • There is some unreliable information indicating Taylor may be coming
  • There is some purely speculative information that MacKenzie Foy may be coming
  • There have been lots of items obtained that are all pumping money into the economy of Brazil such as  helicopters, multiple armored cars, underwater cameras, not to mention all the actual equipment needed to film
  • It is unclear where the actors with be staying. Usually celebrities stay at the Copacabana Palace. U2 and The Rolling Stones stayed there recently. However it would be a great distance from where filming would likely take place, so perhaps not. There is also speculation that this site might be used as interiors. Regardless of where they stay, security will be incredibly tight
  • 3 different islands were scouted as possible locations, the area of LAPA might be a location, their information indicates a possible scene in a taxi where they need a busy place, with many people that is brightly lit.
  • Actual filming is scheduled for 4 and a half days with another day devoted just to the logistics of setting things up. This will begin on or around November 3rd
  • A warning is provided that people should not attempt to go to the airport or filming locations as the security is tight and being able to obtain an autograph or photos or to be any place near the actors in those specific locations is unlikely and arrival times and methods are highly subject to change (Lexicon Note: we are a little hazy on this last part, we think it’s because they are saying the armored cars and the possibility of private planes makes this unlikely)


  1. Jéssica s. says:

    ‘m a brazilian girl and i’m so excited about everything!!!!!
    Foforks is the best site in brazil
    I hope that you guys enjoy!
    ps: I really love the twilight lexicon

    • Twilight_News says:

      How’s our translation? We are hoping we didn’t screw anything up too badly because our Portuguese person isn’t around to help tonight!

      • Hi! I’m Portuguese (from Portugal) and don’t worry, your translation is really fine! 🙂

      • There now seems to be an English language link on the page.

      • Lunna-chan says:

        I think the translation is great. You got the most important of the text.

        Can I make a suggestion? I don’t know if you guys meant to left some details off the translation. But they have the name of the city where they’ll be filming: Paraty. It’s a lovely city near Rio.

        Another detail is the name of the neighborhood where they may use as a location in Rio: Lapa. It served as location for a CSI Miami’s episode.

  2. Once again good job.

    I read in the original and I found this really interessting

    “Um professor de português deve fazer parte da equipe” = A portuguese teacher was hired to be part of the crew.

    Let’s see how’s rob going to pull that off xD
    He said, he used to visit Portugal on vacation when he was younger, let’s see if he learned something 😛

    • correction:

      “Um professor de português deve fazer parte da equipe” = A portuguese teacher should be part of the crew.

      sorry I was in a hurry 😛

      • Twilight_News says:

        I saw that, and I was wondering if it meant the a dialect coach or a translator to assist with Bill Condon’s instruction to the crew. I couldn’t figure that part out so I left it off. What’s you opinion?

        • The translation is quit simple and direct in this case, but yeah leaves some space for interpretation.

          My opinion is, exactly what is says, portuguese teacher/dialect coach.

          • I think he might have been referring to a speech coach for Rob. In the book, Edward does speak perfect Portuguese.

  3. thanks for the info on how to use the google translator.
    cool article.

  4. Very cool. But I REALLY hope that Taylor won’t be there. Makes NO SENSE!! Oh well. Won’t try to worry about it.

  5. It wouldn’t make sense to have Jacob on Isle Esme. This is Bella and Edward’s honeymoon. Who brings a friend on their honeymoon!!!????
    I’m fairly certain, that it’s an incorrect rumor, that Taylor will be shooting there too.

  6. NO Jacob and NO Renesme. Brazil is all about Edward and Bella. We haven’t got enough of them since Twilight.

  7. I’m team Jacob and so I’m all for Taylor being in as many scenes as possible, but what the heck would he be doing in Brazil?? Doesnt make sense

  8. uhuul!

  9. Hey. I’m from Brazil and Foforks is the best site here. This translate is 99% similar to the portuguese.
    If you want news when the cast come to record here, vist Foforks and you’ll like.

    I am not from this site but I am twilight fan, so if you have some doubt, you can ask to me on my twitter @VivisPattz.


  10. doesn’t Bella have some weird dreams while on the Island…I’d have to reread, but that could be the reason Taylor would be there???

  11. Hey I’m from Brazil, and I’d just like to make clear that Foforks isn’t THE Brazilian Twilight fansite, as in there are many, many others here as well. Just thought that was a bit disrespecting to all the other sites that work very hard to bring news to us, brazilians, as well.

  12. Guys, why did you try to translate it at all? They have English version of the article right there on 🙂

  13. Honorable Gucci says:

    Jacob and Renesmee might be there to film something connected to the note Bella writes for Alice. She writes Rio on a paper so Alice knows where to find them if the pair need to escape… At least that’s what I remember from the book. Does anyone else remember something like this?



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