Anne Rice Gives Her Opinion of Twilight

Well first we had Stephen King giving his opinion, and now we have Anne Rice in an interview with New Jersey’s The Star Ledger. We’re assuming she’s equally opposed to The Vampire Diaries given the main crux of her dismay.

“Q. It is complicated, which is why I have such mixed feelings about “Twilight.” It’s so sanitized.

A. It’s based on a really silly premise: that immortals would go to high school. It’s a failure of imagination, but at the same time, that silly premise has provided Stephenie Meyer with huge success. It’s almost like a stroke of genius to put vampires in high school. They just graduate over and over again.

Q. I hated high school.

A. Doesn’t everyone? The idea that if you are immortal you would go to high school instead of Katmandu or Paris or Venice, it’s the vampire dumbed down for kids. But it’s worked. It’s successful. It makes kids really happy.

Q. It seems those books are sanitized whereas in the rest of pop culture, you’ll see very young girls dressed in an overtly sexual manner. The vampires are wholesome compared with the rest of what’s out there.

A. I don’t think vampires are very wholesome. They’re fantasy characters, and we have to keep reminding ourselves of this. They don’t exist. I get e-mails from people who are outraged that I watch “True Blood.” They say, “How can you condone the evil of ‘True Blood.’” I say, “Are you kidding? Vampires aren’t real. Keep that in mind.”

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  1. I don’t know what to say or think here. Part of me understands where she is coming from, however, it’s more of a concept of vampires who want to still be human as oppossed to vampires who want to repeat high school over and over.

    • I agree that I don’t know what to say or think about this interview… I like Anne Rice. But I am disappointed in how she feels about Stephenie Meyer and The Twilight Saga. 🙁

    • i know!! vampires, period, are a silly premise. this is fiction!!! shut up, anne rice.

  2. i appreciate that she acknowledges that these vamps make us happy, but at the same time, i don’t think she really understands the premise of the saga. it’s not about high school. it’s about being a monster and rising above it, and wanting to be better than others think you can be. sure, vampires are traditionally blood-sucking gore-mongers, but they don’t *have* to be. that is the point she seems to be missing.

  3. I don’t agree with her but it’s her opinion. Silly ? Obviously it’s hit home with a lot of people. Something her books couldn’t do sorry but her books couldn’t hit a variety of ages like Twilight did.

    • I think you need to do a little more studying up on Anne Rice. Now don’t get me wrong I did enjoy the Twilight Series but the facts of the matter are is that it is geared towards a younger generation and the books themselves are not by any means the most well written novels ever written. However, Anne Rice is in a group all her own. Stephanie Meyer can’t even touch the success and reach she has had to the generations. Interview with a Vampire set the platform for all of these quasi vampire books that are so popular right now. I read Anne Rice when I was in highschool and even now you would be hard pressed to find a writer that puts the kind of research and work into a novel that she does.

      • Gigi Cullen says

        I have read all of Anne Rices books, vampires and everything else. I have to say, you are not missing anything of what she is saying. Her books are how she thinks vampires should life and how they should conduct themselves and that is her view. In the beginning when she started the write about Lestat, the books were new and fresh. but as they progressed they got very bland and preachy for me. I think in just all boils down to sour grapes. SM has written a saga that everyone can read no matter what their age. And to top it of, SM didn’t have to give up her faith or her writing to succeed. Like you Anne Rice, but a new kid is on the block now and she’s great.

      • I’ve read the Anne Rice vampire books as well. I really enjoyed most of them and have to give her credit for the amount of research she did do for them. However for her to say that vampires in HS is a silly premise…when they could be anywhere in the world…yet she goes on to say, reminder to all, “vampires don’t exist, they’re not real”…just says to me, than why couldn’t vampires pretend to be in HS so that they can live as normal of lives as possible and not be forced to hide out in some dark alley or sewer. Right, it’s called writing and creative freedom. Rice’s vampires are like every other vampire out there.

    • maybe it’s because you actually need to THINK in order to understand Rice’s work…
      Twilight is like a Happy Meal. Where as Rice’s novels are a 4 course meal… much more complex..
      it’s like;
      Justin Bieber to Beethoven

      Granted, I don’t HATE twilight, i just prefer The Vampire Chronicles.

      but alas, to each his own.

  4. I find it funny that she has given up on the vampire lore to become a born-again Christian, no longer writing books about vampires, or even signing her old books, but SM has melded her faith with vampires just fine.

    One of the things about vampires is that they are *fiction*. They are whatever you want them to be. Anyone who is deluded into thinking that “real” vampires are a cetain type need to get in touch with reality…

    • Thank you!! Well said!! That is what kills me about people who protest and put down SM’s vampires. She can make them out to be whatever she wants them to be…because they are made up!

    • *sigh*
      Um, I’m a Christian and I have vampires in my book. But I also have a variety of other things and my vamps are primarily evil. They serve the side of, gee guess who, Satan. You know why? I’ll tell you.

      Explain to me how it makes logical sense for a vampire to fall in love with their food? It doesn’t and that’s why I keep them primarily evil. Sure I have an off sect that is “good” and plays a small role in the war against the Vamp Queen and the Werewolf King, but only because they don’t want to get their asses kicked again by the Elf Queen. Yes, that’s right, I have elves, sprites, water nymphs, humans, the whole lot. Vamps and Werewolves are evil in my eyes because they depict darkness. And they’re pretty bad ass if I do say so myself (and my immense ego just got larger lol)

      SM’s vampires are flat, boring, and they sparkle. They don’t turn into anything, and they kill the vampire lore for critical first time vampire fiction readers. How do I know this? I read ALL of the books and have seen all of the movies (though I had to turn off Eclipse because I was getting bored and the movie Hogfather seemed more appealing) and to be frank, she could have done better. Her writing is atrocious, her overall plot is a simple cliched plot of “turn human to vampire”. The fourth book was written like the author was on crack or had too many ideas (stolen or no) for it and wanted to meld them all into one. Her main character is boring and whiny, and Edward isn’t the model boyfriend.

      The books themselves are spin offs of classic novels. All plot devices were stolen and did SM give those author’s credit? No she did not.

      It’s also not about overcoming the monster factor. No THAT’s Phantom of the Opera. And the Phantom over came it in the end. Edward just got to screw Bella and turn her into a vampire while getting a kid to boot.

      The only characters that I really cared about were Jacob and Alice, you know why? Jacob was the only well developed character in the series and Alice was one of those constants that people just adore. They were basically accidents and that’s why I love them as characters. That doesn’t make Twilight any better, but it helps.

      There is also the overuse of adjectives that happens in Twilight and most of the adjectives are the same ones. And, if you take away all of those adjectives, you know what you get? Total and complete BS.

      I’m sorry, but a lot of the time, when it comes to vampire lore, it’s best to stick with at least a few of the legends and preferably not make them sparkling versions of Christopher Paolini’s elves (ooh and he published before she did back in 2003 at the age of fifteen).

      Please you fans, you can like Twilight all you want. That’s fine, I don’t care. But when people start to give their opinions on the book series, remember this: A) they’ve been writing longer, they know what’s acceptable and what’s not. B) if you think they wrote for the fame, then you all are delusional pricks. To a true author, it’s never about the fame and I hate to tell you this, but SM’s in it for the fame and fortune and nothing more. C) Just because it’s popular, doesn’t mean that it’s not total shit. At least Rowling had good characters, good plot, and good original ideas to back up the things that she stole.

      There’s a difference between total BS and good literature. Oh, and description in writing isn’t a sin. In fact, it’s encouraged.

      Thank you for caring enough to read my opinions. Please reply (if you are going to) with civil tongues and remembrance that you’re talking to an author/editor (someone who knows what they’re talking about).

      • Can I marry you? I love you for what you just said Swolf4.

        Yes, there’s new generations of vampires as the effects of most original lore doesnt effect the new generation, they still follow the original traditions: Cant go out in sunlight, they burn in sunlight, they dont eat food, all that good stuff.

        WHY the hell do they sparkle? Why does Edward threaten Bella? Why is Bella a stupid Mary-Sue? Because Stephanie Meyer cant write. A friend of mine said that Stephanie Meyer had VERY good ideas but they were executed well. Had the story been in the hands of a good writer, the story probably would have gone over a lot better.

        Let’s face it: SM’s vampires would never own up to the better vampires out there.

        let’s think for a second: Animal blood should be a last resort for Vampires. If they’re far away from humans and they are hungry for blood, animals would be a last resort, not because they dont want to feed off humans.

        Along with that, Vampires like to be in secrecy. SM’s vampires are pretty much OUT there. I remember reading the first book for the first time it came out and when Bella found out Eddie was a vamp, i’m like ‘…She’s just now figuring it out?’ because SM, instead of leaving slight hints, she laid it out for you, hell, she painted the whole picture and turns around and says ‘I bet you wont know what it is!!!’


      • As an author yourself i think it’s inaproperiate for you to disdain others work just because you think its not superior to your own. People have different imaginations and different perspectives, thats what makes us all unique. Some people like bloddy vampires, some people like when they sparkle. Flat characters? i just have to say come on rele?! I dont know your definition of “flat” or “good” characters, but they don’t seem very high. I am in love with twilight but there are characters i dislike, but i don’t think any of the characters are flat at all, actually (aside from the minor ones) i think her chatracters are all quite round. Each and every of Steph’s characters have their own personality, ones that she keeps through the series. My point is that every one writes different and everyone has their own imagination and to degrade anothers work because you dont think sparkely vampires are kewl is degrading to readers and the authors themselves.

        just a thought, reply if u can =)

        p.s. i agree jake nd alice r definatlly THe best characters.


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  6. I agree, except the whole “The idea that if you are immortal you would go to high school instead of Katmandu or Paris or Venice, it’s the vampire dumbed down for kids.” Just because her vampires would do that, doesn’t mean all fictional characters would do that. I mean, when your life lasts forever, and you’ve been to those foreign sort of places, and that’s all done with, wouldn’t you just want to go someplace you could call home? Someplace slow-paced and comfortable? It wasn’t dumbed down, it was a concept she hadn’t picked up.

  7. The funny thing here is that Stephenie Meyers has Vamps that go to high school over and over again BUT has vamps who lives in Italy, the way I guess Anne Rice thinks they would live.
    O h and this made me do a belly laugh “it’s the vampire dumbed down for kids. But it’s worked. It’s successful. It makes kids really happy.”
    I am a mother of 3 and I was of 10 years, funny how I love Twilight and not dumb. There must be something wrong with all the grown women who love Twilight. To me Anne Rice insulted Stephenie Meyer fans, I for one will never read any of her books.

    • Dont worry Im 25 and love the Twi-Saga 🙂 Because the great thing about Twilight is there is no age limit on who reads and enjoys it.

    • It did seem like she insulted all us Twi-fans, and Im really dissapointed of her attitude in this interview. I will never read her books again either, it seems she is quite jealous of Stephanie.

      And dont worry, I have sisters and friends all above the age of 25 all the way to 49 years old who all love the Saga.

      Like Jodie said Twilight has no age limit, nor is it for “dumb kids”… Its brilliant! It something that thousands of people of all ages can enjoy together and gives us something in common.

      TWILIGHT <3

    • Well as not only a mother of 3 young adults but as a woman who has a granddaughter and I’m also going on 50 . I happen to love these books . I have all the Ms.Rice Books and did enjoy each one of them . The Twilight Saga brings something new and fresh to the world of the Vampire . While I do pull out the Ann Rice books from time to time , The Twilight Saga is not one that sets untouched on my book shelves gathering dust . I wish I could say the same-thing for the Ann Rice books that I own . My son and his girlfriend are the one who introduced me to the world of Twilight . As most Christmas’s go Books are a must for this mom and so they thought what a great gift . They had been hearing comments on Ms. Meyers and her books there for the first two were under our tree . Christmas Night as the house all settled
      down and i had a few moments to myself i picked up my new treasures and began reading ,that was the started of my journey with Twilight . For me its just one of those book that i could not put down .Needless to say the other Two books were added to my Library that same week . So Ms.Rice is entitled to her thoughts and opinions and who are we to criticize her .Just read what you like when you like and that is all that matters . If the world you find in any book is a place that makes you happy then go there and enjoy . I do .
      Happy Reading to you all …

      • i really like what you said. i’ve ever read anne rice’s books because i wasn’t really a “reader” before harry potter and twilight, but the truth is she is entitled to her opinion, even if it’s wrong.

        besides that, we don’t really know what else was said during that interview. how many times do we each bash something or remark rudely when we don’t even really have that strong of an opinion on the subject?! she could have been jumping on the band-wagon or followed through with a prompt. sometimes being rude is easy to do without realizing how mean or hurtful it was.

        i’m just saying, maybe what she said doesn’t even matter.

  8. “It’s almost like a stroke of genius to put vampires in high school.”

    Of course those were not the first high school vampires. As they say, it’s not just the idea, it’s the execution. And Stephenie Meyer’s execution is fantastic. (I like The Vampire Diaries TV show too.)

    Why wouldn’t some immortals go to high school if they wanted to? Some thought it was frivolous and demystifying for vampires to put on a theatrical act or rock show like hers did. Rice’s vampires got some criticism from vampire/horror fans. Now they’ve been ‘grandfathered’ into the vampire canon but it wasn’t always so; not when they were new.

    And how’s this for ‘dumbing down’ and trivializing: vampires out in the open, like any other humdrum demographic and substitutes for blood. Both found in True Blood. (I don’t think that it’s trivializing myself; I’m using the logic of the Twilight critics.) Or how about easy cures for vampirism like in some franchises? None of these things are found in Twilight.

    People can think what they want. But I find the dismissiveness and condescension rankling. Well, that’s their perogative. And my perogative is to enjoy any vampire literature and movies I like without having to so much as give a nod to the bogus notion that I’m somehow contributing to the dilution of vampires. I’m a longtime vampire/supernatural/horror movie fan, not a YA or romance novel fan (hey, any fandom is as good as any other), and I think that Twilight is a breath of fresh air in a vampire mythology that frankly had gotten a bit stale.

    • Halek, some of these comments were making my eyes bleed. Yours is the first comment I have read on here that made any sort of sense. Thanks for you perspecuity, wit, and insight. It was a pleasure to read a comment that actually adds something to the discussion. You are a gentlewoman and a scholar. =)

  9. Twilight is nothing compared to ANY of ann rice novels! NOTHING! sorry

    • Agreed.

    • Really? Even those silly A. N. Roquelaure books? Or does that not count since it’s a pseudonym?

      • Everyone has their own idea fo what vampires are/should be. No one is wrong or right, we all have different ideas and I think that creativity is great. The Anne Rice novels are awesome and the Twilight books are good. I can understand how Anne would view Twilight as “silly” , simply because the Twilight vampires don’t necessarily fit the mold of most pop culture vampires as the ones the world and Anne are use to. I am not saying thats a bad thing. I respect Stephanie’s work and admire it. I am just stating that the Anne Rice vampires defined most vampire movies/stories back in the 90’s; while the Twilight vamps are more of a fade.

    • Ann Rice who?

  10. I’m pretty disappointing on what she commented. After reading her comment, I do think that she put her “format” of vampires as the standard to evaluate whether Twilight is a success or not, with her view on Twilight. Although she hit a point of “vampires are fictional”, still she thinks only her vampires are “real”. It’s the same with those who yell”real vampires don’t sparkle”.

    Having vampires in high school is not dumb. Why? First off,it’s just a setting. The background is set to be high school, not because we want hot guys in high schools, so we arrange some gorgeous vamps in them. Anne Rice seemed not understand the main idea of Stephenie Meyer, which is creating the near, neighbor-like image for the vampires in Twilight(except the Volturi), yet a mysterious, distant feeling of vampires. It is not a joke for kids only. It means a lot for all ages.

  11. well I agree with her last statement,”vampires are not real”, so going with that, why does it matter what they do in a book or don’t do. sounds like a case of sour grapes to me. which is what it was for Stephen King, he hasn’t had a literary hit it quite some time. neither of these authors has had one of their books take off like Stephenie’s have and I think that’s what is bugging them both, or maybe it’s a case of elitism. They can’t understand why these books, that have a moral compass and deal with vampires have struck a cord with so many, but that is in fact why they have struck a cord with it’s readers.

    • Part of the reason you haven’t heard much about Stephen King’s recent literary achievements is that he hasn’t written much in the last 8/10 years or so due to health problems. Though his 2009 novel Under the Dome debuted as #1 on the NYT Bestseller list, so it’s not like he hasn’t had any success. Anne Rice has also written very little lately.

      Why is it that every time an author criticizes another author everyone says they have “sour grapes” or that they’re jealous? King and Rice are both incredibly successful authors. They have no more reason to be jealous of Stephenie Meyer than she has to be jealous of them.

      Just because a person’s an author doesn’t mean they have to like every book out there. Mrs. Meyer has also criticized The Princess Bride in the past; do I think she’s jealous of William Goldman? Of course not. All Rice did was give her personal opinion: that she thinks books like Twilight are childish. She also acknowledges that not everyone feels the same way; a lot of us like them. It was her opinion, and I don’t see any problem with that. That’s what happens when you publish a book; some people are going to love it, and others are going to hate it. I don’t think Meyer is too terribly upset by King’s and Rice’s comments, so I don’t see why anyone else should be, either.

  12. Everyone forgets… Anne Rice is the Queen of Vampires. She was writing about them long before most ‘twilighters’ were born. At least she has given credit where credit was due!

    • Sorry, but if there’s going to any credit going around here, it goes to Mr. Stoker.

      • I must agree Lomesir, nothing like the original…

        • Mr Stoker wasn’t even the first to create the, “modern” vampire. My pastor taught a series on monsters recently. He explained when and how the modern view of vampires first came into existence.

          It was a fascinating talk. You can listen to a podcast if interested at

          We were encouraged to dress up for Halloween and our pastor was a vampire by the way. 😀

      • I agree!

      • How boring it would be if everyone had to follow the canon put forth by the original. Who wants to read the same thing over and over anyway?

    • Anne Rice is also almost double Stephanie Meyers age, which gave her many more years to get ahead in the genre. Vampires are fictional! A new author can put any take on their character they want. That is what makes it new and exciting.

  13. lol, she says Vampires are fake but wants to criticize someone elses version of them? Didn’t she have a rock star Vampire?

    • Yes, her comments to those who are outraged at her watching True Blood make the rest of her comments about “what a vampire would do” sound disingenuous. As she said they are fantasy creatures.

    • My thoughts exactly. I have no issues with authors being critical of other authors. I don’t believe everyone should believe in or like the same things, but to make the statement about vampires being pretend, then criticizing someone else’s take, as if your premise is the only one that’s rational, is just “dumb”. I love JR Ward’s BDB, but I sure don’t want my 14 year old daughter reading them. I appreciate what Stephenie Meyer has been able to do with her “dumbed down” vampires.

  14. What fascinates me about Stephenie Meyer’s vampires is exactly what sets them apart from “Rice-style.” It drives me mad the way Rice vamps like Louis sit around waxing philosophical about how dreadful it is to live off killing people, but they never take responsibility and try to be anything better. Carlisle is fascinating and admirable because he was the first vampire in fiction history to say “Hold on, I do have a choice here. If I try, I’ll be able to not only stop killing, but actually benefit other people.” The Cullens do suffer, but they don’t sit around feeling sorry for themselves, because they believe it’s worth it for the chance to have as much humanity as possible. When you choose not to kill anyone who might get in your way, you have to blend in. And if that means going through high school 100 times, that’s what you do.

    Sorry for the rant, but I’m sick of the way people treat this fandom, and I wish they would imagine for one second that there’s more to it than sparkling and teenage hormones! It’s true that that’s all some fans get out of it, and that’s fine, but for those of us who like something to think about these stories have real depth and interest. Moral complexity FTW!

    • You are right on the mark about Carlisle, who I think is the soul of Twilight. Most vampires in the Twilight world are as predatory – to be blunt, cannibalistic serial killers – as much as the vampires of any other fictional series*. Instead of succumbing to both his drive and his power to carry them out (power corrupts, and vampires are so very powerful) Carlisle follows the path of his conscience and sets an example for others. That refusal to satisfy drives that harm others even when we have the power to do so is a choice each of us, not just imaginary vampires, makes every day.

      *Interestingly, they encompass the different types of vampires of fiction: feral nomads, warring militarized clans, conspiring aristocrats, undead hordes. Usually a book or movie will feature just one of these types; Twilight has them all!

    • oh yay! i 100% agree with you. thank you for posting! twilight was never about the “sparkling and teenage hormones” for me. i was even surprised when a friend scoffed at how often the stories referenced edward’s beauty. i simply overlooked and forgot about that. it was deeper to me. it was about loving others, over-coming odds, choosing happiness and goodness…

      all the characters rose above something.

      esme could have sunk into herself with grief for her loss but instead chose to reach out to non-blood-related individuals and unconditionally love them as a mother would.

      carlisle chose to actively and constantly save lives and use his new characteristics that were supposedly meant as tools for death instead as a means of healing bodies faster than a human could.

      emmett is huge and overly strong and could use that to bully or coerce but instead he chooses to be silly and constantly raise their spirits when they’re down. not only that, but he loves rosalie tenderly even though she can be downright mean to him, a lot!

      i could go on and on, but i’ll spare you if anyone is even reading. anyway, i just love the series for all these little treasures. i wish they were recognized and talked about more.

  15. Interviews and comments like these are the height of vanity and professional jealousy. VAMPIRES AREN’T REAL. There is no standard, nothing to hold up a book to and say, “nope, this isn’t right.”

    A novel’s entire purpose for existence is to entertain the masses with its story. Twilight has done that to an exceptional degree. The high school setting is very familiar to its main demographic, and an easy setting to write.

    And this is just me, but I’d rather read about sparkly vampires in high school than the sexual tension between two men and a little girl, and vampires who drink menstrual blood.

    Oh, and a rock star vampire. Can’t forget that.

    • MeyerVampire says

      I agree! It’s like saying nobody can write about aliens because George Lucas did Star Wars. Nobody owns the premise. Anne Rice should stop being a HATER. If she has any imagination at all she should write a book that counter’s Twilight.

  16. Either she hasn’t read the books or she just wants to bash the author and her readers. Apparently Ms. Rice hasn’t read the books,otherwise she would know that highschool is just the backdrop,not the focal point of the entire series. Also who says the mythology has to be the same? Stephenie Meyer wrote her story so that she herslelf,could get an understanding about what vampires could and couldn’t do.

    Until reading her series,I had never stopped to think that since vampires are frozen the way they are,they wouldn’t need sleep. So the old “sleeps in a coffin” or burn up in the sunlight”,goes out the window in her series. It seems strange that Stephenie’s biggest critics are the ones who were already established authors themselves. No fellow author criticized King or Rice for how they wrote their stories,so why is it suddenly the new fad to criticize SM? I know people are entitled to their opinions,but if you don’t like the books,you don’t have to read them. I can’t say I’ve met anyone who’s said they were forced to read the Twilight saga and just loved it for what it was. If she thinks it’s far-fetched for vampires to go to highschool,then writing that Lestat became a rock star had to been the result of drinking too many tequilas. John Granger said it best on the Twilight in Forks dvd-if Stephenie Meyer’s books sells then she must be a very good writer. I don’t think she would continue to pick up new fans everyday if she wasn’t and the stories didn’t make you want to read them again again. I’m happy to say that for me,I will continue to read the series over and over again,because it makes you want to see what happens to the characters and where they go.

    • Good point about sleep. Meyer really thought through the physiology, habits, and lifestyle of her vampires rather than just dutifully following the familiar and well-worn vampire conventions (many of them – such as daylight vulnerability – are actually from the movies). They’re frozen in time, so not only do they not sleep, their hair no longer grows and their bodies are crystalline. Meyer’s vampire mythos is exceptionally distinct, a tribute to her creativity.

      And if another author has a different vision of what vampires are, he or she can write about that! No writer should be constrained by the notions of Victorian novelists and Hollywood screenwriters.

  17. She obviously hasn’t read the books. All of them, including Edward, have done other things too. Many of them have been to college repeatedly and have advanced degrees. That aside, I’ve read other books with vampires in school settings.

  18. While I can appreciate that people have different likes and dislikes, I feel that they can be expressed respectfully. To call someone’s work “silly” is really disrespectful and unprofessional. Her interview seems to have a strong undertone of jealousy to me…..I think that having immortals go to high school makes them more relatable as well as complex and interesting. (Coming from a college educated mother who loves the world of Twilight- not a ‘dumbed down kid’=)

    • Well-said. “dumbed-down” didn’t sit well with me either, as a huge Twilight fan, college grad with 3 small children.

    • I agree with you Christine. I think that there is a lot of professional jealousy thrown at Meyer’s Twilight popularity. And yes, it touches us in a sensitive spot when a series we love comes under criticism, especially from other well-known and respected authors. I think the important thing here is not to blow this out of proportion. It’s her opinion. We fans have ours. Simple. And although her books were for a long time cannon in vampire literature, still, in her own words, they are imaginary characters and writers can do with them what they will. Fiction sometimes gets confused with reality when it’s been around for a long time under a specific guise. Then it’s easy to say, “But that’s not how REAL vampires act!” I can only roll my eyes.
      As far as being “sanitized”, yes, these books reflect Meyer’s more conservative values, but I think her characterization of the vampires was refreshing and unique, a nice change from the traditional view of vampires.

      So well known authors such as Anne Rice and Stephen King may make whatever disparaging remarks they wish to. That’s their opinion, and they have a right to them. But fans of the books have their own opinions, and they are just as valid. And I’m sure Stephenie Meyer is crying all the way to the bank.

  19. I don’t think she was really bashing the books – I think she was actually giving credit to Stephenie for developing a scheme that attracts younger readers to the genre. Frankly, it does seem unrealistic that vampires would want to go to high school – and in fact, the Twilight vampires never really want to go to high school. There’s reasoning why they do it, but they’re all miserable at school. I think it’s fair for Anne Rice to have an opinion on this minor element, especially when she presents a balanced view – e.g. doesn’t seem to make sense, but it’s great for the young reader.

    • MeyerVampire says

      Nobody WANTS to go to high school. High school SUCKS! But Stephenie Meyer writes about it and it somehow works. When you have ETERNITY to do stuff you will do some stuff that gets boring and repetitive and that might include high school.

  20. I see Anne Rice’s point, however being that vampires are a creation of fantasy who is it say that they DON’T go to HS? Myer found a setting that would resonate with her readers, HS, because the majority are YA and that formula has her bank account swelling, they after all must have & purchase everything twilight related. But vampires are overly sexualized creatures who are symbols for many of our taboos & unrestricted desires, and poor Edward like Anne’s Louis vampire shunned his basic vampire instinct & suffered from self loathing & grapled with restraint, and trying to be more human than souless monster. Anne & King should give Myer a break, she re-introduced a genre to millions of young fans who just might in the future pick up more mature vampire authors like Rice & Mick Farren, Myer has inspired me to finish my own vampire tale and bring my fantasy creatures to life regardless of criticisms, this is our God given right. (Apologies for any typos, writing from my mobile device is a pain)

  21. Let’s not forget that the majority of SM’s vampires do NOT go to high school and live a normal life… the Cullen’s are the very small exception not the rule. She specifically states that the majority of vampires are nomads (so there you go Rice… how’s that for traveling the world), or they are engrossed in vampire wars. SM focused on the exception, not the “rule” and that’s what makes it interesting. I definitely think that Rice is being haughty and jealous, and looking down on a very successful series. You can’t say that these books are for “kids.” Stephanie Meyer wrote it for herself at, what? 35? It spans all ages because even though it’s fantasy, everyone can relate (at least all women).

    • I love alot of Stephen Kings older stuff,I knew he would hate SM stuff. Anne Rice,her books I could never get into,I tried! I actually like the movies based on her books and I loved Stewart Townsend better as Lestat,but she turned Lestat into a rock star,who walked the streets with the humans just as much as his own kind. So wow,she really has no room to talk!

      Most important: Anything to get kids to read is awesome!!!!

  22. Don’t forget they like to play baseball too Anne, even the evil nomads vampires, and thats something you never thought could happen in your mind maybe thats why your finished. Out with the old in with the new,thats life.

  23. The offensive thing about Rice’s comments is that she assumes because the vampire lore in her fictional world is somehow cannon, that any other world made up is obviously wrong or “sanitized” to use her words.

    That’s what is freeing about the creative process, you can make up anything-anything you want and weave a story out of it which is what SM has done. And part of the reason for the success of Twilight I think is because it goes against that same old vampire mythology. They’re different from all the other stories and it makes them fascinating.

    I can’t understand how someone who has made a living being a creative individual can criticize someone else for making up their own story. Is it possible there’s a bit of jealousy there?

    • I agree, Anna. Being an author, she should understand and respect that in the world of fantasy books, there are going to be (and there’s room for) differences. To me, she’s saying that because SM doesn’t follow the traditional vampire rules, it’s somehow dumbed down and for kids only. I bet if you polled most readers, you’d probably find more 20 and 30-somethings then you would kids reading the books.

      I think jealousy quite possibly could be a factor because of the success Twilight has had. Can’t we all grow up, other authors? There’s enough room in the sandbox for all of us.

  24. I don’t think there is a little jealousy, there’s tons. Anne Rice has unfortunately lost her touch since her muse died, actually before that and many of her books after QOTD sucked! Meyer is refreshing, new & gives the vampire genre a totally new perspective.

  25. Joshua Roberts says

    What I’ve always found amazing is the fact that everytime a well established author sheds their honest, educated opinion about the Twilight Saga, the typical response is that, they are jealous, vain, wanting to steal SM’s glory.. on and on and on… Anne Rice is NOT jealous of Stephenie Meyer. Rice is to Vampires, what J.R.R. Tolkein is to Elves. For nearly 15 years, Rice stood in the moonlit spotlight and was the bain of Goth Vamps everywhere. Why would she be envious of Meyers? The very thought is amusing in itself.
    What Rice said is quite valid. Meyer’s breaks almost every cardinal rule in Novel/Storywriting, and yet remained successful. Bad structure, poor editing (more so in the first book then the following), creating a story style and not sticking with it… the list goes on and on. On a purely analytical level, she should have failed… but she didn’t. It surprised Rice, as not only was Meyer’s successful, she altering the face of vamps everywhere.

    Despite Meyer’s flaws, I think, had she wrote it any different, I don’t think most of her “now” fanbase would have stayed with her, the way they have. Most of the people that I know that love Twilight would have NEVER picked up a vampire/werewolf related book. Her stories were different. They weren’t full of violence and long monologues of self-loathing… while Rice may have created a more “realistic”, and yet depressing view of immortality, Meyer certainly entertains a more promising concept…”Even at the end of the world, love remains”… So I don’t think Rice or King are trying to “cut down” Meyers. They critique where criticism is due, and give praise where praise is due.

    As for Rice not incorporating her religion. Rice was an Atheist for much of her vampire writing. Her views of doomed immortality, with out rest/peace is very present through all of her books. As far as her being “Born Again”… I dunno. She was raised Catholic, and I knew she had decided to turn back to her roots…

    Again folks as a devoted Twi-hard, I really enjoy Meyer’s books. I have them all, and have read them all several times. While I don’t always agree with criticism towards the books, especially from those who’ve never even read them, I think it is important to not get offended when other professional writers discuss the pros and short comings of another’s works. Remember these people, King & Rice, aren’t no names who’ve never written in a good book in their life. These two are reverened in many circles, as the masters of their craft. Believe me, if either one can say at least one positive thing about Meyer’s works, that is really saying something.

  26. After reading this I feel as though my intelligence was insulted. A dumb downed version for kids? Really? I felt that reading Ms. Rice’s books it was nothing but smut and quite frankly she has no room to talk. A rock star vampire, please. SM’s vampires have characters have depth and flaws and her books are written in way that kids don’t have to open up a dictionary every time they reach a word. And where would the word “masochist” be without SM? I don’t appreciate be called dumb at 21 years old.

    • I agree with you Krista! Okay, you’re 21; well, I’m 62! And I have a college degree in Philosophy and Religion. And I love the Twilight books! Funny, I don’t feel dumb! snark!

      • Talk about being a sour grape! If it wasn’t so ridiculously childish, I would take offense to A.R.’s “dumb down” comment. I’m 35 (turning 36 next week), I was never interested in reading A.R. or any other vampire stories until Stephenie Meyer introduced us to The Cullens. I never liked H.S. either. I wonder what A.R. thinks of this Twilight fan? I’m a huge fan of S.M. and a Twi Hard. WOW – she managed to upset an entire fan base simply by being so small-minded. Perhaps she believes she has a patent on vampire literature?

  27. In some respect I have to agree with Anne that the premise behind the Twilight story is somewhat weak in intellect (what I believe to be her definition of “silly”). However, entertainment has never been dependent on whether or not it is intellectually significant but rather whether or not it grabs the reader and makes them invested in the story. Stephenie Myers’ Twilight Saga has captured the enthusiasm of millions of readers–a phenomenon that cannot be overlooked. The fact that Myers puts the characters in high school is irrelevant in my opinion because the real premise is the love story between Edward and Bella and the conflict arising from the love triangle with Jacob. Themes such as unconditional love, abstinence and passion are what have captured us. Because it takes place in high school becomes unimportant. Adult readers like me soon forget where it’s set and we lose ourselves in the simplicity of the love story; which has obviously hit a nerve among women of all ages. How can anyone deny that the real “genius” of Stephanie Myers isn’t her ability to create intellectually stimulating prose, but to create characters that, for a multitude of reasons, inflame our passions and stir us emotionally. Do Edward and Bella represent something within all of us or maybe something we all crave? Stephanie simply wrote a story she wanted to read and in doing so has allied herself with us–the common masses who can relate on a visceral level. Her story is anything but a failure of imagination.

  28. I find it offensive. I’m a 21 year old college student not a dumb kid. I find twilight to be loved by more people over the age of 14 than under. I wonder when people will realize its women that are probably the majority of the fan base. Not “dumb kids.”

  29. Well,unlike the most of you here,I agree with her.

  30. I think that Ann Rice has a few valid points. But it does seem to me that she hasn’t read the books. She seems to be saying that the irony is that Stephenie is trying to promote a wholesomeness to her stories and that today’s youth is quite the opposite. That I do agree with. But the fact remains that these books do resonate with so many. I personally feel they are a part of culture now and anything that is said about them will not affect them at all.

  31. I agree with most of the comments here. It seems condenscending of Rice to criticize Myers for choosing High School as the setting for her story and sounds incredulous that immortals would “want” to attend. SM makes it clear that the Cullens do not want to go to high school, nor do they find it interesting or stimulating in any way. They subject themselves to it for seven hours out of the day so that they can mix in society without arousing suspicion and do what they please the remaining 17 or so hours. They have traveled the world, pursued higher learning and advanced degrees and now want to live as human a life a possible, as a family, therefore they have to make certain sacrifices in order to do that. It’s a choice, but not in the way Rice suggests…

  32. I like both Anne Rice’s stories as well as Ms. Meyers. Ms. Rice should be more open to various takes on the vampire lore. She had her take on it; Meyers has her own. What’s wrong with that? Ms. Rice, please chill. You’ve been griping about this for some time now. Just relax and write.

    • I agree with you and what intersted me in Twilight in the first place,was the use of the first person pov,just like it is used in Rice’s novels. I think we can all agree that the books are not for a “dumbed down” audience because as we’ve been discussing,the majority of Meyer’s readers are 18 and up. Meyer herself said she was 29 at the time when she wrote the first book. So it didn’t surprise her that she had the thirty-something audience grow as fast as it did. It’s strange that a series that’s been read by most of the people here on this board are college educated. I myself graduated with an associate degree in business. Last time I checked I don’t think any of us were handed our degrees,we worked our tails off for them. I see reading the Twilight saga as a reward for all of that hard work.

  33. Definitely do not agree with her. maybe this has been mentioned…but her comment on the Cullen’s going to high school is so off base. The I understand it… IS they go to school to blend in so they can stay in the area longer…not because they want to.

    If I had to guess…she hasn’t actually read the books…therefore I’ll just choose to take her opinion at face value and move on.

  34. I have to agree with Ann on the high school thing. I have always thought that was weird. It would have made more sense if they had just stayed in college for all that time, rather than high school. They just seeem to intelligent for high school.

    • You are forgetting their age. They look very young to just “stay in college”. If they go to high school first they can stay in one place longer.

      • Yes, as Edward says, the younger they start out at a place, the longer they can stay there. They pass themselves off for as old as they can and then move on to new identities in a different place.

  35. It does seem to me that Anne Rice is criticizing SM for daring to break out of the typical vampire mold with Twilight. Interesting considering that Anne Rice took the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale and turned it into porn while writing under a different pen name. That pretty much invalidates her negative comments on Twilight, in my opinion.

  36. I also was very much offended by Rice’s dismissive comments, which are difficult to interpret as anything beyond professional jealousy. I will commend Rice’s eloquence at so thoroughly trashing both Stephenie Meyer and alienating millions of Twilight fans forever in just a few ill-considered sentences. I suppose the 116 million Twilight book sales thus far have a great deal to do with that.

    Someone mentioned Anne Rice being religious; she suddenly became devoutly orthodox Catholic when she started to write angel books, but after a while she publicly renounced the church. I guess she showed them. Or not. Nobody was forcing her to go, and why disappoint your (Catholic) fans like that? Perhaps Rice is starting a new series about grumpy, disparaging, once-admired writers, so she’s taking on that role too.

    “‘Almost’ genius?” So condescending! Stephenie managed to incorporate angelic metaphors *within* her vampire novels — she didn’t need to write a completely different series about them. And, as said above, the angelic Cullens only go to high school (“purgatory,” Edward calls it), because they aren’t like the 99% of vampires who *are* nomads — which Stephenie points out is a rather bleak existence.

    I have observed that (at least in some parts of the country) one problem with Rice’s vampires is if two men and a little girl (vampires or not) walk down the street during school hours, a police/CPS/truant officer will be there to investigate in minutes. And Edward is 17, so that means school — although I do hope they just homeschool Renesmee.

    I started to read one of Rice’s novels years ago, and found the preoccupation with the “thrill” of doing evil simply an inaccurate portrayal of life itself, as well as cloying, immature, and frankly, anti-social. Evil destroys, that’s why we call it “evil.” Creation is what makes life worth living, which is why we call it “good.”

    Since I haven’t read all of Rice’s books, perhaps I shouldn’t talk about her. However, since she has repeatedly stated publicly that she only saw one of the Twilight films and has never read the books — and that didn’t stop her from criticizing Meyer — I hope this is not inappropriate.

    That said, Stephenie Meyer would never publicly disparage another writer like that. Stephenie even promotes them in her own books(!), including fellow LDS writer Shannon Hale, who is a direct competitor in the young adult fiction market (Bree is reading through all of Hale’s books during her “Short Second Life.” Thank you, Stephenie, for setting such a positive example, in so many ways.

    • You make several good points, James. Re-reading the interview, I also saw her say, “It’s a failure of imagination…” All I can say is what?!?! How is creating this amazing world and writing in such a way that we all feel we’re there as well a failure of imagination??

      Good point too about how she’s criticizing the series having never read it. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. However, with that being said, if you are going to be critical and critique something, you need to read it first. As an author, you would think she’d be sensitive to that. After all, if someone’s giving an editorial review of your book, you’d except they’ve read it first, correct?

      • *claps*

        very true! How can she critisise the Twilight saga when she has never read it! Its like saying “Oh I hate… Pizza, its gross, its only for people with disgusting taste” when you have never ate it before.

        As for mentioning the fans as “Children” thats rediculous, Im guessing over 80% of the twilight fans are 16 and over, and alot of the fans are mums and sometimes grandparents. she shouldnt be to quick to talk rubbish that she doesnt know about!

      • Everyone has their own opinion on what they like and what they dislike, but Anne Rice’s comments on The Twilight Saga are beyond ridiculous.
        She has neither watched the movies or read the books, so how can she make such negative comments on the Saga.

        Ive read a few of Anne Rices books, and the ones I have read felt repetative, like every other Vampire book out there. Blood drinkers, evil, souless demons, blah blah blah.

        How can she critise something that is so well thought out and for once original. Im fed up of reading the same old story, just with a bunch of different names thrown in.

        Vampires are fictional creatures and like all things fictional no view or take on them can be wrong. Like for example mermaids are supposed to be beautiful creatures who sit on rocks all day combing their hair right, well in Harry Potter JK rowling gave them a rough edge… and that wasnt wrong, so how can Stephanies creation of Twilight Vampires be?

        I think Anne Rice is just a sour b*tch, who needs to learn that Its someone else’s turn to be in the spotlight… Twilight is more creational than all of her books put together, she needs to accept that.

        Twilight is a book everyone can enjoy, and thats the best part about it, it has no age limit and it gives us Twilight fans something to discuss and to enjoy together – its brought alot of people together and Ive even met a few of my best friends through Twilight! Can you say that with Anne Rice’s books?

        Thankyou Stephanie Meyer <3

    • James,
      I so enjoy when you type your opinion on any subject matter. I agre with you 100% of what you said. I, too, feel very offended by Anne Rice’s comment on Twilight being *dumbed down.* Does that mean that we are the dummies?

    • Wonderful commentary, James.

      “I will commend Rice’s eloquence at so thoroughly trashing both Stephenie Meyer and alienating millions of Twilight fans forever in just a few ill-considered sentences.” LOL!!!

  37. I’m 63 years young. I’ve seen all 3 Twilight movies and read all 4 books. While I think the books are too ‘wordy’, I loved them. So AR – eat my shorts.

  38. I’d have to disagree with lumping “The Vampire Diaries” in with “Twilight.” TVD is not a sanitized view of the vampire genre. Not when you have half the “teenage” cast drinking at parties and being sexually active. “Twilight” is sanitized. The only “evil” part of their world is the individuals who choose to feed on humans rather than animals. If you feed on animals you’re redeemable. Both have the majority of their central cast in HS, and as AR states, it’s genius, because why shouldn’t the teenage community have their share of this genre?

  39. I love the Twilight saga & couldn’t wait to read each book. I had to force my self to get thru Anne Rice. I don’t need the writer to explain the color of a tree in several ways. I finally just gave the second book away. Stephanie has created vampires that have no boundaries. In the end it’s what you enjoy. If your not a Twilight fan that’s ok, the line will be that much shorter.

    THAT IS THE WAY SHE SEES VAMPIRES. SHES RITE THERE FICTION Fantasy thus any thing goes so tell her to dont look at the childish things but look at the anatomy of these new vamipres.

  41. I have only a short bit to say. Anne Rice is neither a good writer nor a bad writer, neither a good person nor a bad person, neither content nor jealous. Not for my purposes. As far as I am concerned, I enjoy Ms. Meyer’s books because she does have kind characters whom I feel I can relate to better than Ms. Rice’s. But that is all beside the point. For those of us who are Twilight fans, I urge you to take Ms. Meyer’s approach. Commend the good, disown the bad, but have the security in yourself and the pride in your choices and loves, and ignore the naysayers.
    No two people are alike. You can like both Ms. Meyer and Ms. Rice, you can like neither. You can like one and not the other. It simply does not matter, not really. If you have the bigness, the kindness and the security in your self to accept the choices and differences in opinion that undoubtedly exist throughout the world, everything can be so much easier.
    So, those of you who agree, you need only congratulate Ms. Rice for her success, forgive her for not being accepting of everyone and allowing all of us to exist on the same level in her mind. You can celebrate Ms. Meyer, and you can keep reading!

  42. My first thought upon reading this was… I wonder how many rejections AR received before getting published? Maybe she is just incredibly jealous of the popularity of the Twilight saga. Because if Stephenie had followed AR’s perception of the vampire culture, then wouldn’t that have been copying?

    Instead, SM melded two worlds into one in order to tell her stories. Yes, vampires are fiction. But school isn’t. What would happen if?????

    Ultimately, AR shouldn’t be criticizing when she hasn’t read the books and thus gotten SM’s full idea on the saga. To me, it’s the same as one person criticizing another for reading romance. As long as people are reading and being entertained, then isn’t that what really matters?

  43. i really think that she is just jealous because her vampire books back in the early 1990’s did not get much popular as today. yes the movie interview with a vampire was great and got oscar nominations and blah blah blah but that way then this is now. i think just very jealous

  44. Angela Brasher says

    People need to remember that we fell in love with the story. The unattainable love that occured in Romeo & Juliet. It is another form of unattainable love that keeps us on the hook. Not just the vampire.

    • Exactly! My gfs, coworkers, family members, friends and I love the Twilight series because of the love story. It makes us feel young, recalling 1st love and the heartache you go through. The good/bad, ups/downs, highs/lows. It made me even like Bella’s version of H.S. and I really didn’t like (ok, quite hated) H.S. You remember your bf story as you see Alice and Bella’s friendship grow. It’s relate-able regardless of age or education (for us dum dums).

    • Well Romeo and Juliet wasn’t really love. It was basically Shakespeare telling the world that teenage love was stupid and will just lead you into trouble. That’s kind of why they died at the end.

  45. So… Anne Rice has her opinion on vampires and has presented the world with her interpretation of vampires. Is it different than that of Stephanie Meyer’s, yes, you bet. Is it better, to some of her readers perchance.

    Perhaps Stephanie Meyer offered a different window into the universe of the vampire. Of what happens when those that would be in high school become a vampire. To chastise and say that these stories are dumbed down is ignorant and intolerant. They were, after-all stories written for ‘tweens and teens. The fact that there are so many “Twilight Moms” out there is a testament that they are worth reading.

    Another salient point to be made on the books is that it got a legion of children who were NOT reading to start reading again. It’s promoting literacy and as a writer she should commend that.

    Perhaps it’s just sour grapes that her popularity is waning….

  46. You know I realize everyone has an opinion and they have the right to it. However being an adult and for Anne to also be a writer, I would think that she would have more of a kind regard to another fellow writer who struggled until Twilight found it’s stardom. Anne is a great writer yes, however her opinions are moot. I say that because even though she is famous, her opinions mean no more than some Joe Shmoe who gives their opinions. We only make it worse by giving her the attention she wants by slamming the books and Stephanie.
    Honestly, it’s nice to see another side to vampires as what Stephanie did, and it’s obvious that the world agrees with me. Millions of fans across the world have bought the books, watched and purchased the movies, soundtracks, clothing ect. so it’s safe to say that Anne Rice’s opinion is nothing more than a jealous effort to get her name heard and opinion put on television and mainstream anywhere she can. Just because Anne Rice has made her novels and vampires sadistic and evil, it doesn’t mean that every vampire is that way. Yes they aren’t real and it’s a fantasy, but why do vampires NEED to be evil? The question I would have asked Anne is “Why do Vampires NEED to be evil and can’t they have a gentle “soul” as we call it?”, and “Who made the rule that vampires must be evil and sadistic, just like other fictional characters like Santa Clause, can’t they be different?” “Santa is not wearing red and black all across the world and he doesn’t look the same or do the same things across the world to other cultures, so does that make us wrong about Santa too?”

    Anne, get a grip, you have your millions to relish in, let someone else finally get a chance to cash in and be famous about Vamps for a change! Just because you’re books didn’t make as many movies as Stephanie did doesn’t mean you need to be a prude!

    Stephanie kudos for your stories and continue writing as we Twilight lovers will keep buying them!

    • *Applauding Clap* Well done! I agree with you completely.

      Its true what you said about Vampires being fictional and no view on them is wrong. How can she say “Vampires in High school are stupid” when she later goes on to say “Vampires are fictional creatures” it makes no sense! And as you said as they are fictional (like santa) everyone can have a different opinon of their looks and what they act like.

      Just as you said I think she has a case of sour grapes. Her books might have been a success at one point, but now the limelight has shifted over to Stephanie, she wants to be back on top.

      Its not going to happen, Because even though her books are good for older people, her books can never satisfy such a huge age range (worldwide) like The Twilight Saga can.

      Stephanie has done a brilliant job, and its great to see she has a view on vampires and didnt go with the cliche vamp traits. To me its original… good job Stephanie!

  47. The only thing I find “silly” is that she is debating what is and is not acceptable for a vampire to be or do. They are fictional–anything goes!
    Even though Ms Rice has been writing great books about vampires for a long time…she writes horror stories and Twilight is primarily a love story. I’m not sure it’s fair to compare them.

  48. Well Anne Rice said that Vampires are not real, they are fantasy so Stephenie Meyer can make her fantasy vampires into anything SHE wants them to be. Have them do anything she wants them to do. Who cares what Anne Rice or Steven King for that matter thinks. I read and like what I want, I don’t read for anyone elses pleasure but my own. Just like I don’t care what Anne Rice reads or watches, if she likes True Blood then good for her.
    Anne’s vampires did not appeal to me at all. The Cullens didn’t want to be the murderous blood thirsty type anyway, they wanted to be as human as they could.
    I love the vampire world Stephenie Meyer created and by the looks of it so do millions of other people.

  49. “dumbed down for kids”?

    my mom is 50 years old and was the valedictorian of her class. she earns a lot more money than the majority of this country, and also, she is one of the smartest people i know.

    oh, and also, she loves twilight!

    so, ms. anne rice, you can stick that in your juice box and suck it. 🙂

  50. I have never read any of her novels, however I agree Anne’s comments could be taken as a criticism of Stephenie’s work, which I do not think are founded.

    The Twilight Saga has been hugely successful and it is not just “kids” who are reading them and enjoy the world that Stephenie created – I am a 30 year old WOMAN and loved all the Twilight books.

    Surely the whole point of writing is to convey meanings and communicate ideas to other people, and as readers we either find something in that which we enjoy or not. For me, the Twilight books gave me an escape and I ended up caring about the story and the characters. Why else would people continue to read fiction books??

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