More Information on the Brazilian Filming From Sergio Sá Leitão

As we reported yesterday, Sergio Sá Leitão,  is the CEO of RioFilme, an organization that promotes Brazil as a location for filming among other industry related items. He confirmed that Breaking Dawn would film in Brazil. Well today he is back on Twitter responding to some fan questions.

Here is the translation based on our knowledge of Portuguese and Google translate.

Question from @raquelgaldino: Is there any chance of there being an event for fans that  Robert and Kristen might attend?
Answer: Unfortunately not, it’s a matter of a security issue.

Continued answer: In regards to Breaking Dawn … The  safety standards have nothing to do with the fans. It’s normal with a movie this size for there to be tight security. The cast and crew will be here for  five days of intense work.

Continued answer: It is our hope that everything runs smoothly and on time. At this point we are dealing with a film being shot and not a promotional tour. Some of the conditions (Lexicon note: we think this means time availability of the cast) are determined by producers.

Continued answer: We (meaning RioFilme)did our part by making it feasible for Breaking Dawn to be shot in Rio. This filming of is bringing in funds and promoting  our city and it’s also giving a better realism to the film.

Continued answer: Let’s look on the bright side.  Having Breaking Dawn filmed here is better than not, right?  So let’s celebrate!

Via FoForks and prihfoforks

The above information does not rule out a Brazilian promotional tour once the movie is released. In general, actors on large chain movies like the Twilight Saga do not do appearances while filming on location because budgets are tight and they are in the area for only a short time with day and night shoots. In general, they are also only contractually obligated to a set number of promotional appearances. So studios, want to save those appearances for events closer to the actual release of the film, especially a film that doesn’t release for a year.

On the other hand, Rob, Kristen, and the rest of the folks going to Brazil have to eat sometime. If you are lucky, maybe you’ll catch them walking around incognito taking a midnight stroll.


  1. Nice translation for a non-portuguese speaker. yay google translate ^^

    • Twilight_News says:

      I have a friend who lived in Brazil from age 2-10 so when she’s available she helps me out. I also know Spanish which certain Portuguese words resemble. So between that and Google translate we try to come up with something reliable. 🙂 My friend was really helpful in the “let’s look on the bright side” because we couldn’t figure that part out at all!

  2. Lunna-chan says:

    Indeed. Very nice work. Portuguese can be tricky.

    I believe the shootings are going to be very fast and, when we see it, they’ll have already departed.

    Plus, I think they’ll shooting in somewhere near Rio, like Angra dos Reis, Buzios or maybe Parati. These cities have the landscape the producers probably are looking for. Rio is, actualy the less important city in the whole picture.

  3. It only makes sense to me they wouldn’t do any personal appearances like on the twitours. They are there for filming. It’s just awesome they will be filming there so Isle Esme will be authentic.

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