Twilight Decorated Workplace Urgently Needs Your Vote by Oct 31!

Lexicon reader Jen wrote in to say:

“We need your help!  Our company recently held a workspace decorating contest and our group did a Twilight-themed one (attached are some photos).  Our department is having a contest to vote on which area is decorated the best, and we’re hoping you can help us to achieve this goal.  Below is a link to the ballot.  Is there any possible way you can help us spread the word by Sunday evening when ballots close (10/31/2010)?  We’re very proud of how our workspace turned out and would love to win the contest in anticipation of the Eclipse DVD release!  🙂

Jen also included pictures you can see in the gallery above. Give Jen and crew a hand and vote for their amazing job!


  1. that is awsome fair do,s…x

  2. done…good luck hope u win…x

  3. I voted. What a cool idea. Will u get to keep it up? I would hate to have to take it down.

    • They will keep some of it up for a little bit 😉 Afterwards the team will be letting me use a lot of it for my DVD Release party lol

    • Oh I forgot to mention they are behind the Super Mario Bros. team as of yesterday so please keep voting if you can! Thanks so much!!!

      ps. I will ask if she will share the group pics because her team dressed up as the Cullen Family. So cute!

  4. done!!!!!!

  5. done 🙂 that is absolutly awesome btw….so much work has been put in… absolutly fabulous 🙂 WELL DON and GOOD LUCK 🙂 xxxx

  6. WOW … Done …. Gook Luck …you guys deserve to win xxxxx

  7. We won!! Thanks so much for all the support and kind words, TL community. We couldn’t have done it without you!

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