Nolan Roberts of Nolan Roberts Cosmetics Gives an Edward-look Make-up Tutorial

Of course it does help if you have killer cheekbones like Nolan does!

you can check out Nolan on Facebook here.

TY to Gary for the heads up


  1. He’s So Smiley!

    More Guys should dress up like Edward… 😉

  2. He looks like a ‘thirsty’ Edward!

    I loved watching that, and he has a beautiful smile.

  3. He is so cute! I loved watching this and I agree, he has a fantastic smile!

  4. ShyTwiligher says

    Hey he’s one of the guys from the Turbo Jam; Turbo Fire kickboxing videos!

  5. He would have looked better with just the glitter and no rhinestones. Edward doesn’t have hundreds of bumps on his face, after all.

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