Peter Facinelli Talks Breaking Dawn Tension and Surprises



  1. It concerns me that there is a “lot not in the book”.
    Hopefully, those items are with Stephenie’s approval.
    I am not always crazy about Melissa’s interpretation of the books. Here’s hoping that Breaking Dawn is awesome!

  2. very excited to see more Carlisle in BD, which should be a much bigger role/screentime because of the events in the book. Always better w/ more Peter.

  3. I am interested to see what *is not in the book*. Somethimes it works out like Angry Edward did in Eclipse.

  4. Doncha just love Peter Facinelli? I can’t help it. He’s awesome in so many ways.

    Anyway, i’m glad they’re adding stuff that wasn’t in the books. They have to otherwise we’d just see Bella getting more and more pregnant and sick for an hour (that would be an overload).

    Trust in Bill Condon! He’s a terrific writer and I think he’ll give the fans just what they want and more.

  5. One thing they are adding is a heightened level of the intimacy scenes between Bella and Edward. As we all know the love scenes faded to black or were interpreted,yet the reader knows they had sex. It will be intersting to see how far they can push the love scenes and still keep them within the PG-13 frame. Those scenes have to be spiced up just a little,so others who are not as familiar with the book will be interested in seeing the movie. I get the feeling BD is going to get some repeat viewings,if what I’ve heard about that the screenplay is a little saucier than the novel.

  6. So excited to see what the extra stuff is. Love Peter.

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