Some More Eclipse DVD Details.

We are getting a lot of questions on the DVD’s Blu-Ray’s etc for Eclipse. The biggest concern people have seems to be whether they are going to have to buy from multiple vendors to get exclusive content. In other words, in the New Moon DVD release Target, Walmart, and Borders each had different outtakes, extras, featurettes, cast interviews etc.

We asked Summit a couple of months ago about this, and they told us that what is offered content-wise will be the same vendor to vendor on comparable products (ie: comparing single-disc to single-disc, two-disc to two-disc).  The only thing that may differ are the packaging items. So a given vendor might have a specially stylized box, another one might offer a poster or a tee shirt as a perk, but the actual content on the DVD should remain the same within a given country.

What might happen is when it comes to foreign distributors, they might include some extras like if a press conference or a premiere went on in that country, they may have a few clips of that media event, but the studio driven content is the same. So, you don’t have to buy three different discs from three different manufacturers just to get all the Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Stephenie Meyer, etc extras that you want.

Hope that helps. If there is a point that we are missing, put the question in the comments and we’ll see if we can get an answer.


  1. Helen Smith says:

    Excellent! That’s one thing that annoyed me about the NM DVD – it was impossible to get all of the special content without buying 3 different versions, which I for one just couldn’t afford!

  2. That’s good to hear. I think that was everyone’s biggest complaint with NM was that if you wanted all of the extras you had to get 3 DVD’s! Good to hear that’s changed and I hope they keep it that way!

  3. EverythingRemindsMeofTwilight says:

    What exactly are the “Jump to” Scenes?

    • The “jump to” scenes are where you can pick Jacob, Edward, etc and then the movie will automatically jump to scenes with only that character in it. So it’s like watching the movie with only Edward or Jacob scenes. I have that on my NM DVD and it’s alot of fun! 🙂

  4. Thank you for the info! You guys rock!!! I am so grateful for Yahoo having the Lexicon available for my homepage…otherwise I wouldn’t have known about it!!

  5. Freakin Loon says:

    Thank goodness for you ladies keeping track of all these versions. I won’t order until I see the full breakdown.

    I did notice on that they have an Eclipse Special Edition package that looks similar to the packaging Borders was doing for Twilight and New Moon.
    The extras sound like everything that the regular 2-disc package, but this one comes with pics like the Borders Twilight Special Edition had.

  6. Thank God Summit finally heard us. That was totally miserable to have to buy 5 copies of a DVD to get all of the content. It was borderline selfish of them to do that to us as dedicated fans.

    So now, I only have to get two copies, a blu ray and the regular DVD.

    Thank you Summit.

    • Freakin Loon says:

      I too hope this means Summit is cooling it on its various formats at different retailers.

      Waiting until all movies are out on Blue Ray DVD before purchasing them. I’m hoping Summit does some sort of special packaging for all five films.

      I’ve only bought the Target 3 Disc Special Editions and Borders Exclusive Editions that come in the tri-fold packaging for Twilight and New Moon.

  7. I guess my question is…is there a diffference in content between the DVD and the Blueray??

    From all the info posted earlier about content, it made it seem that the Blue Ray verison had a lot more extra content and “stuff”. Is that true? Am I going to have to buy a blue ray disc player to feed my Twilight obsession???

  8. My question is…is there a difference in content between the DVD and the Blue Ray?

    All the previous info made it seem like the Blue Ray disc had a lot more features. Is this true? Am I going to have to buy a Blue Ray Disc player to feed my Twilight obsession?????

  9. What were the 3 New Moon DVD’s? I got the Borders and Target one, but was the only other one the Walmart version that had the Eclipse clips?

    Just wondering. I only have 2 of each, both Target and Borders Exclusive DVD’s. I am really hoping that Borders announces there Exclusive DVD soon, already re ordered the Target one.

    I can just imagine the DVD box set in a couple years….LOL

  10. I understand the hoopla over having to buy different dvd’s from different vendors just to get exclusive content. But if you’re truly a collector of certain items you don’t care what the cost is or the different versions you have to buy. My only concern is that I have collected both the Target versions and the Borders Exclusive Editions.In honesty, I collected the Target version of New Moon hoping it would offer the free download to iTunes as it had previously offered for Twilight. As a collector, it sucks (for lack of a better term), when you start collecting an item and can’t finish your collection. I will be very disappointed if Borders does not come out with it’s own special edition for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn Parts 1 & 2.

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