New Moon Composer Wins Award

According to Variety, New Moon composer, Alexandre Desplat, has been named Composer of the Year for his work on a variety of films including New Moon.

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  1. Yay! I love the New Moon Score. It’s just beautiful! =D

  2. I LOVE him! The New Moon Score is my favorite so far! Absolutely beautiful.

  3. New Moon Score is by far the best of the three movies. Well done!

  4. I agree Michelle. The NM score is my absolute favorite. The Eclipse score was good…but nothing compares to NM. I think it really helped set the mood of the movie and is absolutely gorgeous. I downloaded the score only and I have a cd of it. I listen to it in the car all the time. Kudos to him-his music is absolutely beautiful!

  5. Freakin Loon says:

    So glad to hear that. I think his work is amazing. His score on The Fantastic Mr. Fox had me doing a dance in my seat.

    And his NM score was far superior to Howard Shore’s work on Eclipse. Shore basically just took a hook from Metric’s single and played it softly throughout the film.

    Speaking of scores, who’s doing BD Parts 1 & 2?

  6. radiowidow says:

    Congrats to Alexandre Desplat! I also think New Moon has the best score of the three and play it regularly when I’m driving in my car.

  7. The NM score is my favorite as well. Alexandre’s just composed the score for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1. So I’m interested to hear how that score will sound. It will probably be dark yet beautiful at the same time. I was somewhat disappointed with Shore’s Eclipse score. This was the guy that gave us the Lord of the Rings,but I guess I can’t expect every score to be as good as the previous ones. Congrats to Alexandre!

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