Twilight Sales Reached Saturation Point?

twilight-booksThe Daemon’s book blog has noted that Twilight sales have fallen off:

“For the first time in over three years, none of the books in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga are on USA Today’s top 50 Best-Selling Books list. At least one or more of the four books had been on the list since July 12, 2007 (170 consecutive weeks).

Breaking Dawn fell from the top 50 to number 54, Twilight is at 172, New Moon is number 238, and Eclipse is 198.

Meyer’s publicist tells USA Today that they expect to see a spike in book sales when the Breaking Dawn movie hit theaters in December[Lexicon note: article error on the author’s part, possibly they meant the Eclipse DVD]. Plus, Meyer is releasing The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide in April, and that is sure to put her back on the bestseller list.

Read more at Daemon’s books.

Three years is quite a solid run for any book to remain on a top 50 list. Most author’s would given their first-born just to make the list for a week.  A quick glance at the list reveals 8 YA/middle school titles on the list. Suzanne Collins has three titles on the list. So the good news is that those books which are not recognized on other lists are still strong sellers.

What do you think, have the books reached their inevitable saturation point, or will new books and movies bring and upswing?


  1. No that means that it’s not hot at the moment. The Harry Potter books did exactly this.
    Everything has a limit to it and I’m sure throughout the years the books will continue to sell well.
    The Twilight series has sold over 116 million copies. I think that’s huge and it’s reached it’s peak which other series wish and dream of getting numbers like that.
    What makes me question this article is that they even got the release date for Breaking Dawn wrong. COME ON !

    • Please don`t compare Twilight to Harry Potter.

      • Why not compare it to Harry Potter? She’s just saying that the book sales went through something that the Twilight Saga is going through right now. They’re both big sellers that both experience dips. I think its perfectly reasonable.

  2. I believe there has not been any marketing push for Twilight i.e. no commercials etc… for Twilight products to keep Twilight in the forefront. The economy as well. People may be reading them at the bookstores instead of purchasing them. Are audiobooks and electronic books included in this survey. If not, there could be the difference because of the iPad, Kindle etc…

    I agree that once Breaking Dawn’s filming is finish heading into the release, I believe sales will pick up. With the release of the Illustrated Guide and don’t forget another illustration version Pt 2 of Twilight is going to come out as well.

  3. I think this is because of the lack of excitement over it right now. There’s not going to be another movie for over a year, so there’s no really big news that keeps people wanting the books. Once the next movie starts to get some buzz (next summer into fall), the book sales will rise again.

  4. Ehm, excuse me? *giggle* Since when was BD I sceduled to be released in December? DOn’t you mean the Eclipse DVD :p

  5. Its only because we’ve read all the books! New generations will read themin the future and they will always be in my top favorites, in front of Harry Potters series & Jane Austens writings(both of them in my top 5) If she ever does a continuation (and I hope she doesn’t wait to long)I think it will start all over again. I know she needed a break from them but unfortunately my addiction is still as strong as ever…I have tried to feed it off of fan fiction sites but its not the same. I am trying to learn to live with it but its difficult. lol (thats putting it lightly)

  6. Wait, there is no mention of the Bree novella, is that still up on the list?

  7. I work in a bookstore, and I can tell you that I’ve noticed this trend for quite a while. The high point was summer 2008 to summer 2009, when we could not keep the books on the shelves (believe me, I unpacked hundreds of boxes of them!). Now sales have dropped significantly. And for those who thought that there would be a book/series to take Twilight’s place as the mega-seller, there isn’t.

    Both the paperback of BD and Bree Tanner failed to kick up the sales of the series, and really didn’t not perform at the rate that most people expected. Going by what I have heard on the websites and chats, I think that the Official Guide is also going to be a diappointment. I have heard of many people cancelling their pre-orders, frustrated at the long delay for this book.

    While I think that it will be a while before Stephenie drops off the Top 250 USA Today list entirely, I do think that there will be no major upswing back to the crazy sales she had. And like K mentioned, there will be a constant sales for the series for many, many years to come.

    • Actually, from what I’ve heard and read, the Official Guide will be HUGE! People are eager for the complete insight and backstories. If anything, the Guide will amp up sales of the series – looking forward to that!

  8. Hoping this will move SM closer to writing all 4 from edward’s POV! I know, it’s a long shot…but a girl can dream 🙂


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