Supernatural Meets Twilight

This week’s episode of Supernatural is entitled Live Free or Die Hard! TY to Hilda


  1. Actually, the episode is called ‘Live Free or Twi-hard’. And there are going to be vampires named Rob and Kristen.

  2. Gabriella says:

    Can’t wait to see the episode its just I live in The Netherlands so its not on the same date as it is in America :'(

  3. I also believe they will be spoofing on Vampire Diaries and possibly True Blood.
    I hope the Twilight fans will enjoy this episode! Forwarning,it can get harsh! LOL! It is all done in fun.

  4. When Supernatural spoofs they do it in good fun. I am so looking forward to this episode and to see how they do it. They’ve got great material to work from.

  5. I LOL’d ^^

  6. love the winchester boys lol….i havent seen it yet b/c i work on fridays …… geez i would love it if they were in twilight!!!

  7. Twilight Nymph says:

    Oh, I’m going to love this. Love it when Jensen says, “try Lautner… are you kidding me that kids everywhere it’s a freaking nightmare.” and Jared says, “hey how many ts’ are in Pattinson.” and it turned out to be the password. LMAO

  8. I love Sam and Dean, almost as much as Edward and Jacob. This was a great episode. Truly a classic.

  9. This episode was awesome! Jenson Ackles was always Emmett in my head while reading the books. Jared Padelecki was always my Jasper:-) I LOVED this episode…my worlds meshed for just a little bit:-)

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