Angela Sarafyan, Yes She’s That State Farm Girl!

One of readers, Ana, remembered one of the new Breaking Dawn Cast members from a commercial. Ana writes, “I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out where I’ve seen Angela Sarafyan aka Tia in Breaking Dawn before. After looking thorough various pics I figured out she was the girl in the State Farm Commercial!”


  1. she was also on season 7 of Buffy, she was in the episode with the guy with the magical letter jacket lol

  2. She was also in the Cingular commercial with the girl holding the umbrella and talking about some gossip when the call drops. That’s what I remember her from!

  3. She was also in an episode of South of Nowhere. She was a(n) (drug-dealing) ex girlfriend.

  4. haha, I KNEW it!


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