Romanian Coven as Red-Eyed Vampires

Our friend Adonis is back with more vampire makeovers for our new cast members. First up are the Romanian Coven Noel Fisher as Vladamir and Guri Weinburg as Stefan.


  1. StaceyGal says:

    OMGG!!! Too nice….Cant wait for Breaking Dawn! BRING IT!

  2. YEs,LOVE Noel Fisher <3

  3. Angie_stl says:

    Very eery. Almost give me shivers. I always pictured them as older in my head, but I think they may work out well. Definitely Dracula One and Two.

  4. I LOVE this! They look fantastic!

  5. I thought they looked older :p in my fantasy I see to old looking men

  6. Very, very nice!

  7. i must admit that when i read the books i imagined them older. and i must say, that being a Romanian woman i hoped that they would actually cast Romanian actors for the parts, because some of them are really good. but, now, truth be told, these two guys that will portray the Romanian vampires are.. someking hot! nice choice, cast directors!

  8. Wicked!!!!

    Iony, cannot blame you for being nervous. They make my knees shake too!

  9. These two are actually sort of what I envisioned the Romanian vampires to look like! Way to go Summit!

  10. Alexandra says:

    I always pictured them older…

  11. Rachel Faith says:

    I pictured them older as well.

    BUT, being an obsessive Law & Order: SVU fan, I think Noel’s ability to play a creepy character will be put to good use. 😀

  12. i think they should swap characters.

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