Access Hollywood: Breaking Dawn I, 2nd Most Anticipated Film of 2011

breaking_dawncoverAccording to Access Hollywood:

#2 – “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part I”
Starring: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner
Directed by: Bill Condon
Release date: November 18, 2011

Why we’re excited: Why aren’t we excited is the better question. What better way to kick off the beginning of the end of “The Twilight Saga” then with a little vampire-human wedding & honeymoon action! Plus, we all know what happens on the honeymoon, right???… Room service! No? Hmm. OK, how ‘bout this — “There will be sex scenes – multiple sex scenes,” screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg previously told Access Hollywood of the romance we’ll see between Edward and Bella. Hey now! Summit has yet to announce exactly where the “Breaking Dawn” storyline will be split, but Part I will begin to put the bow on this pop culture-transcending saga, which has turned vampires and werewolves from cheap Halloween decorations to every kid’s favorite supernatural bestie. Whether you’re Team Edward or Team Jacob or even Team Whatever Happened To That Nice Rachelle LeFevere, grab your lawn chairs and get in line – there’s only 14 months until opening night – knowing the “Twi-Hards,” the good seats are probably already taken!”

The number one anticipated film honor goes to Deathly Hallows part II. It’s hard to feel bad about losing the number one spot to the ten-year in the making conclusion of the Harry Potter movies. What’s also really noticeable is the release date. Breaking Dawn is without competition for that Thanksgiving box office spot just like it had for Twilight and New Moon. The other films on the list are all Christmas, July 4, or Memorial Day release where there are multiple blockbusters debuting.

This past summer, Eclipse got lucky when anticipated summer blockbusters like Robin Hood and The Last Airbender fizzled fast. Only Inception lived up to the hype and its budget. Other summer films are hoping to recoup budget in the DVD market-not something Eclipse has to worry about.


  1. 2nd most anticipated?1? You must be joking!
    I just joined Team Whatever Happened To That Nice Rachelle LeFevre, it’s already crowded 😉

    • Of course it’s second! Anyone who is surprised or angry that Twilight comes second to Harry Potter in the entertainment world, is an idiot.

      1. Harry Potter has been around for 10 years longer than Twilight.
      2. Harry Potter is 10 times better than Twilight.
      3. Taking #1 & 2 into consideration, and also to account for book sales and movie ticket sales: Harry Potter’s fanbase is 100 times larger than Twilight’s.

      Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge Twilight fan. I LOVE the books. I hated the first movie, I tolerated the second, and absolutely LOVED Eclipse; David Slade did a kick-ass job with it. And I am extremely excited to see Breaking Dawn I & II. But, to speak nothing but the truth, Harry Potter > Twilight. Sorry.

      • Agree, I love Harry and can’t wait but I’m more of its probably a tie…I am so excited by both I could die

      • I agree that I will see both and love every moment of each…but will prob see BD several times before I settle back to wait on both DVD releases. I have watched HP series over and over thru the years, I love them and they are much better movies than our Twi series. I hoped so much they would hire those HP folks to write and make ours…alas, that won’t stop me from watching our Twi series over and over either. We just kicked off fall with a pajama, chili, Twilight movie night (in the back yard) and it was awesome! It was cold and we all said the words before they did, it was great fun. These two are both perfect stories by perfect writers as far as I’m concerned and I will enjoy them for years. I don’t have to pick one! Its the joy of being an adult! lol Here’s to Steph & JK! I hope you never stop writing!

  2. I can’t believe this movie is 14 months away and I am already THIS excited…. gonna be a long wait

  3. Twilight dreamers says:

    Not to sound like a perv but, Come on isle Esme scenes!!! Cannot wait 4 this movie!!!!!!!! 😀

  4. Actually, it’s only juz about over a year to 18 Nov 2011!
    Time will fly, what with all the exciting BD news that has already been released and with the onset of filming soon, the pre-movie mania is already rolling and will only get bigger and bigger!!!
    And of course we Twi-Hards will prove our worth (yet again!) when the Eclipse dvd is released in Dec!!! 😀

  5. OMG OMG OMG I’m excited. I can’t wait oh yea. This is crazy 14 months away.

  6. “Team Whatever Happened To That Nice Rachelle LeFevere” Hahaha….that is awesome! 🙂

  7. “There will be sex scenes – multiple sex scenes”

    Oh please! Not that again! I hope there will NOT be multiple sex scenes. One is well enough, you’re not making a porn movie!

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m very excited about this fourth film, but I must admit I’m also very worried, now.

    • How about multiple, beautiful romantic scenes where we can see the love! That’s what I want to see and that’s what Stephenie wrote.

    • What.The.Hell!!! “Eclipse got lucky…when The Last Airbender and Robin Hood fizzled”! Are you kidding me, they fizzled cuz they weren’t very good and didn’t have the phenonomenal fan base of Eclipse. To tell the truth, I am really disappointed in Eclipse, but…(wait for it!) I went to see it 5 times, once in Imax!!!! Sweet Cheezits, these ppl do not get it.

    • Well if they stick to the book (which I hope they do!) there won’t really be explicit sex scenes. SM didn’t write anything explicit. Plus for the actual love scenes it just fades to black. They will need to do this to keep it a PG-13 movie anyway. I think what she meant by mulitple sex scenes is because well they do have multiple love scenes in the book, especially when they’re on Isle Esme. I’m rereading it right now & after Isle Esme there’s only 2 love scenes mentioned in the book. And at least 3 on Isle Esme. (I’m almost done. Right at the part with the Volturi that’s how I know.) Don’t worry SM wouldn’t let it get too bad. And she’s on a producer on BD so hopefully she can have more say on stuff.

  8. “Why we’re excited: Sex, sex, sex, sex.”

    Come on. Do you have to be that stereo-typical, media? I swear never (EVER.) have I heard about anybody in the media talking about the point of twilight. I can’t blame a lot of people for hating it because if I hadn’t read it way before the movies, I would think it’s some pop-culture cheesy money making love-fest (which, of course it’s not). I’m just dissapointed that they always care about the wrong things. Twilight always gets such a bad rep….although…multiple sex scenes DOES sound awfully nice. But still; I hate when they make that the focus of the movie.

    • Joshua Roberts says:

      Especially when you consider that Steph’s “sex scenes” comprise all of one or two pages…if that. Yeah… we fans are just SO excited to see Bella get bruised black and blue while having intercourse…. ugh…

    • So true, Katie. Here’s what the Twilight Saga is about: family, seems to me the number 1 msg is how important family is, The Cullens, The Swams, The Blacks, The Clearwaters, etc; love, the sacrifice and compromise that you have to make when in a relationship, choices, hard ones like whether to be with the person who you believe is your soulmate or the one who is your best friend and was there for you when no one else was – the choice whether or not to have an unexpected child in very difficult circumstances; seeing beyond an individual’s being “different” (vampires, werewolves) and instead seeing the similarities; rising above the life you were born into to be something better (vegetarian vampires??!!) and fighting evil. I mean, dear God in heaven, that’s what these stories are about!! The fact that there are vampires and werewolves just kicks it up notches and notches.

      • Totally agree with you!! Twilight is SO MUCH more than a stupid vampire romance novel. You listed A LOT of great subjects it’s about.

      • KittyC you nailed it…these books are so much more, Steph is the well, their aren’t words for her…my biggest prayer concerning this series is she keeps turning them out. We cannot get enough of our beloved Cullens, Blacks, Clear…..etc etc.

      • I agree with what everyone’s said here. It seems like the media attaches on to the most superficial things they can when promoting the movie, thinking it will appeal to the masses I guess? The reality is those of us seeing the movies over and over love it because of the deeper meaning in the books and how that connects it to us.

        It’s just frustrating when the media makes it seem like all we’re excited about in BD are the sex scenes or something like that. Give us a little more credit-we fans have more to us than that!!

  9. Yeah sorry but your pretty in the dark if you think that it’s surprising that Harry potter is more anticipated.

  10. Being the fact I’m a bigger Twilight fan than HP, BD is my #1. It doesn’t suprise me that HP 7 part2 would beat out BD on this list though. I’ll see them both so they’ll both get my $$$. But most likely BD will be the only one I’ll see multiple times.

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