Pixie Lott Wants a Twilight Role

According Music Rooms the UK singer Pixie Lott wants to be a part of Breaking Dawn.

“Pixie has admitted to having a crush on Robert in the past, and thinks starring in the hotly-anticipated penultimate film in the series – Breaking Dawn: Part 1, which is due out next year – might help her snag her man.

“I’ve always wanted to get my hands on Robert Pattinson and I guess it would be fun to have my face whitened up and suck on people’s blood,” she laughed.”

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Do you think Pixie is a big enough of a name to walk the carpet of the premieres if she doesn’t get cast?

Pixie is the latest in entertainment industry people professing Twilight love.


  1. Just because you can sing…doesn’t mean you can act. Please don’t screw up the essence of the book just for some “celebrity”.

  2. Ugh. I hate it when D-listers think they deserve a role in the film simply because they have a crush on the starring actor. That’s just a blinking red light to the casting director to keep that person the hell away from the film and poor Rob!

  3. EJ's girl says:

    Pixie who???

    I rest my case.

  4. I just had my little brother run up to me and tell me she is in Fred the movie. Um…no. Please don’t let her into the Twilight movies.

  5. We all want to be in the movie. LOL! Keep dreaming Pixie.

  6. oh my god. HELL NO! its clear she’s not even a Twilight fan! she just wants Rob! and did u see her in the Fred Movie? she unfortunately cant act very well… i know. i seem like a Pixie Lott hater. but im just speaking the truth.

  7. She’s not a D lister. I’m from the UK and she’s very well known here. She recently appeared on Simon Cowells ‘X Factor’ as a guest judge.

    And to be honest, I don’t know why people are looking into what she’s saying so seriously. It sounds to me as if she said what she said about Rob in a light hearted way. I would probably joke too about snagging him if I had the opportunity to work with him! lol

    • Joshua Roberts says:

      I agree… and to be honest I don’t know why everyone keeps trashing her. I think it is silly that she would want to be on Twilight just to meet Rob, but then again, a LOT of girls would like to be on Twilight just to meet Rob. As far as her acting goes… While all the actors in the saga have done good jobs, the acting as a whole hasn’t been THAT great, at least not great enough to snub this entertainer.

      • haha the way you said it made me laugh….peeps dont take things so serious…geez i wanna snatch that brit boy tooooo…..

      • She is extraordinally pretty. Are you paying attention KStew?? (Now don’t go getting all snarky, Ima just kiddin witchas.)

  8. I agree, don’t ruin the movie because you just wanna a role to snag Robert!! Like Mary said at the top, just because you can sing doesn’t mean you can act!! plus Robert is with KRISTEN!!

  9. She is popular,LOL.
    And if she can act,then ok.I like her.
    Plus I`m not twilight-obsessed,so I just hope it will be a good movie…if not..I don`t care.

    So good luck.

  10. silvertonguedevil says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! She looks like a UK version of Paris Hilton. Dear God don’t let her anywhere near a script!

  11. twilightkuti3 says:

    I honestly had to look her up. No idea who she was until now. She really thinks she’s gonna get into breaking dawn by liking rob hahahhaha. Yea NO.

    • Joshua Roberts says:

      The reality is, who will be in and will not be in (Breaking Dawn) is totally up to the casting director. So, for example, if her agent submitted her audition for a role in Breaking Dawn, and the casting director liked it, then she is apparently talented enough to attract the casting director’s attention. So in short, let’s trust the casting directors at making this decision. 🙂

  12. OMG! I was in a commercial for blahblah & I love Rob too. So…can I have a role in Breaking Dawn too. Pretty random if you ask me. So I guess if your in the industry in any way shape or form you can go public with your Twilight obsession & ask to be in a movie. Funny! Whatever Pixie. More power to you, I guess.

  13. Why does everyone think they should be in Breaking Dawn? If ANYONE deserves a part it’s the fans, not actors who no one even knows/cares about. I mean for real, who doesn’t want a role?

  14. I have no idea who she is. 1) Who doesn’t want a part?! 2) Just because she can sing doesn’t mean she can act. 3) For part 1 I would assume the new roles would really only be the Denali clan which has already been cast. Unless she were to be another wedding guest.
    I’m kind of starting to get sick of these people to want to jump on the TW bandwagon.

  15. i would want to be in the movie, what twihard wouldnt? but she cant have rob. kristen already has him

  16. Anonymous says:

    Never heard of this trick. And keep her out of Breaking Dawn for gods sake

  17. Who the heck is Pixie Potts?????? :o/

  18. Who the heck is Pixie Lott???? :o/

    • Where do you live,in a cave?
      I`m not even American and I know who she is.

      Ugh Twilight fans are sooo jealous.Maybe she can act..But I doubt she`ll get any role so calm down 😉

  19. I don’t think that she should get a part just because she can sing and likes Robert that doesn’t mean she can act . I hope they don’t get her.

  20. Um, I’d like to be in BD, too, but its not going to happen. Who is she anyway? Wait, I don’t care.

  21. I’m thinking that she is really less interested in “getting her hands on Robert Pattinson” (although who wouldn’t like to get her hands on RPattz! LOL) than getting her hands on the money and the noteriety and great movie scripts that being in these movies would get her. I don’t even know who she is, but just by making that comment, look at all the PR she’s getting. Hmmmm!

  22. Also, from the casting choices and the choices Bill Condon and Stephenie Meyer and Summit have made for cinematographer, production designer, costume designer, makeup designer, etc. I don’t see them casually handing out roles for just anyone. So, I’d say that’s going to be a big “NO”.

  23. hell no she caint be in it idk even know who the hell she is that stupid slut!

  24. furandfangsforever says:

    I was disgusted when I read this. I don’t know who this chick is, but she’s got a lot of nerve being so blatant about want to snag Rob considering the world knows she’s with Kristen. I also agree about people trying to jump on the Twilight bandwagon. Where were these supporters when the books were being published or when the first movie was made?

    • Joshua Roberts says:

      First of all, there is NO reason to be disgusted with a young celeb’s desire to be in a movie (Twilight or not) either to gain fame or simply to get a chance to meet an actor/actress. Almost ALL celebs have done this. Secondly neither Rob nor Kristen have confirmed their relationship (as far as I know), other than being close friends. If they are more than that, it isn’t any of our business but their own, either way each has a choice to date whom they like, no matter what the fans say.

      Also note almost ALL of the Twilight cast were d-listed actors/actresses of whom were barely on the spot light until Twilight came. Shoot, Rob was just about to quite the acting business all together, for that matter.

      So don’t be so harsh on this young lady.

      Come on folks… which of you wouldn’t want a chance to be in a Twilight movie? ALL of us would.

      Why would celebs want to be in Twilight, for the same reason all the other actors came unto the project, because it is helping their careers. This is how Hollywood works folks. Screenwriters, Actors, Actresses, all have to work to support their careers, if they can snag a part, even a small part, in a hot film, it can help their career. There is NOTHING wrong with this.

      • With regard to actors wanting to get in on the Twilight phenomonen now, I agree, of course, they do. The actor who is playing Eleazar is a Shakepearan actor and he can see the benefit to his career by appearing in a franchise that was once ridiculed. I don’t think she was serious, I think she just made a sort of off-the-cuff comment and was actually commenting on how attractive our RPattz is.

      • I completely agree, I don’t know why people are getting so worked up about it. I doubt she’ll get the part. As a fellow Brit I feel she only meant it half seriously anyway. British humour can be hard to get! 🙂

    • can i get an amen?

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