Hollywood Crush: Nikki Reed Talks About the Jacob and Rosalie Dynamic

Are there any particular Jacob and Rosalie moments that you feel just have to be in the script?


  1. The dog bowl scene, definitely!!!

  2. I 2nd the Dog Bowl scene, that will be so funny.

  3. Yep, the dog bowl scene and the blond jokes need to peppered through.

  4. agreed the dogbowl!!! AHH i cant wait for this movie!!!! Its killing me and we still have over a year! =[

  5. I agree with the dog bowl scene and def the blond jokes! Those were hilarious.

  6. I agree, the dog bowl scene is one of my favorites between Jacob and Rose.

  7. Christine says:

    I’m excited for the dog bowl exchange, but also I hope that him taking her down during the birthing scene is in there;)

  8. doggy bowl, all the blond jokes, Rose’s jokes about the dog smell and the flood pants, and especially when Jacob trashes her to get her out of the delivery room. it all needs to be in there.

  9. “You. Got. Food. In. My. Hair.” Has to be there!!!!! And all the blonde jokes!!

  10. what everyone else said, the dog bowl scene!

  11. I have to see the dog bowl scene. I laugh out loud every time I read it, I would love to actually see it played out on screen

  12. radiowidow says:

    I was listening to this and thinking they have to include the dog bowl scene, and then click on the comments and see I’m not alone!! attyb-you’re right, they need to throw in a few of the blond jokes, too! There needs to be a little levity in the midst of the seriousness surrounding them, just like in the books.

  13. Obviously the dog bowl scene, the birth scene, all of it, and the reciprocal jokes…
    But I like to see a few of the scenes that Nessie see, like them fighting for her, or after the imprint seeing Jake trying to hold Nessie and Rose don´t letting him, and when Jake stand still so the birds came to him I like to see Rose with an angry face

  14. obviously dog bowl was one of my favourites.so i want to see some b londe jokes.also renesmee birth and rosalie and alice combing her hair.



    and all the witty dialogues between them, always provoking…MUST HAVE THAT TOO!!

  16. The dog bowl scene, of course. I hope they also show “Fido” written on it lol. I want all the blond jokes too.

  17. blonde jokes and dog bowl

  18. Yep, yep…Dog Bowl scene, and a few blonde jokes from Jacob. But I would also like to see them fighting over who gets to hold Reneesme.

  19. ya i agree wirh every 1 dog bowl wud b the best

  20. The dog bowl scene is a must…loved all the blonde jokes too, they have to let him get in at least one

  21. I agree with the dog bowl scene but also when Jacob protects Bella from Rosalie during the birthing scene

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