Breaking Dawn Building Away in Louisiana

Collider, which provides some of the best Twilight and general film industry coverage out there, has an update on the progress in Louisiana.

“We first heard that The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn would film in Louisiana and Vancouver from our interview with producer Wyck Godfrey.  Today, one of the stars of franchise, Nikki Reed, told Hollywood Life she will start filming in “just over a week.”  We have confirmed through two sources that the production is currently building sets in the Raleigh Studios at the Celtic Media Centre in Baton Rouge, including Edward’s house.  We’ve been told the interior scenes will be shot in Louisiana, while the exteriors will presumably be shot in Vancouver.”

See more on Collider.

Given that based on the book, much of Breaking Dawn takes place indoors this planning stands to reason.  Major outdoor scenes are mostly limited to wolfpack patrol, the spotting of Renesmee, Bella’s first hunt, battle training, and the final confrontation.

Since we are talking indoor scenes at a controlled studio, there’s probably not much chance for fans to catch a glimpse of filming in Louisiana.


  1. Another outdoor scene: the wedding reception (and seeing Jake); and seeing Irina far off in the distance. OOOOHHHH and this one is pretty minor, but the arm wrestling scene is one of my favorites.

    • Me too! LOVE the arm wrestling scene-crossing my fingers it doesn’t get removed.

      I’m soooo excited to see what they do with the wedding. Is it really a year away? 🙁

      • A year seems like a long time now, but it’s going to go by fast. And truthfully, I’m glad that the studio is really taking their time with the last two films. A tremendous amount of work goes into it and I know they’re going to do a great job with it.

        • True. I’m glad too. Just all this talk about it gets me excited and makes a year seem soo long 🙂

        • Me too. I keep telling myself the long wait is a good thing so they get all the special effects & everything just right.

  2. The arm wrestling has to stay in!!
    So excited even to read about it!! At least with Eclipse coming out soon it will give us something to tide us over.

  3. That is very exciting!! I seriously can’t wait for these movies. I am rereading BD right now & it’s making me even more excited. And curious how they are going to do certain things. Next Nov can’t come fast enough.

    I wonder since the wedding reception takes place outside how tight security will be. I would assume they wanna keep that nice & tight so no pics or anything gets leaked. But I can’t wait to see it!!

    • Yeah I was thinking about whether or not I would actually like a pic or two of the wedding/reception leaked or not. Part of me would LOVE to see how they look…but a bigger part of me wants to wait and be totally surprised when the movie comes out.

  4. I have decided that I am going to enjoy and revel in the anticipation! These movies are the last, and when they are done, its over. So as excited as I am, I am kinda happy they are dragging it out. This story has become such a part of my life, so when its all said and done, I am going to be happy I was given that long suspense!

    That’s being said<~I still can't wait!!!!!

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