Nylon: Five Minutes With Nikki Reed

The folks at Nylon sent this over:

“People always say they move to New York for “the energy,” but that’s not quite true.  Really, they move to the big city for moments like last night, when we literally crashed (oops) into actress Nikki Reed.  She was hosting the Swatch New Gent launch at the Gansevoort Park hotel, and once we got over the shock of tripping over a Cullen, we asked the actress and writer a few questions.  Here’s what she said.

You’re wearing like four Swatches all together!  You look like Molly Ringwald in an ’80s movie!

I know, aren’t they cool?  I like how simple they are.  I think I learned how to tell time on one of these.

Besides Twilight, you’re in a new movie, Catch 44, with Deborah Ann Woll, right?
She’s so amazing.

Did you guys bond by talking about being vampires?
Ha, no!  (Pause)  Okay, yeah, kind of.  We did.  But even though she’s so great on True Blood, she’s so different from that character.  She’s so smart, and a little bit introverted, and just so thoughtful about everything.  I actually wrote a story about her and her boyfriend, who’s also wonderful, on my blog.

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