Parade Magazine: Jennie Garth and Life With Dr. Cullen…AKA Peter Facinelli

Parade Magazine interviewed Jennie Garth who is married to Peter Facinelli who plays Carlisle Cullen. Among the many things the magazine covers is the impact that Twilight fame has had on the couple and their three daughters.

“How do her daughters react to having a Cullen for a father.

“My 13-year-old has read the first two books. We stopped it there; it got a little too risque. But she’s more embarrassed by it, actually. She’s like, ‘Let’s not talk anything Twilight. Don’t mention it. Wear a hat to my school.’ She’s a little embarrassed by it, she wants people to like her for her and not because of him, or want to come to our house because of that. It’s something we deal with. But she’s proud of him. She’s actually a really gifted songwriter at 13; she’s like Taylor Swift. She wants to write scripts and write songs, so she’s constantly doing that.”

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  1. Such a great interview with Jennie…she and Peter both seem soooo down to earth – it is nice to see that Hollywood hasn’t affected them!

  2. “What i like about you” jennie garth ‘spa day’….?

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