Twilight UberFan Needs Your Vote

About a month ago we promoted the Embassy Suites Uber Fan Contest. Well a Twilight Fan, Samantha, is among the top five finalists and here’s why she needs your vote. She has stiff competition from a Harry Potter, two baseball, and a USC fan.

Here’s why Samantha made the cut and what her plans are if she wins first place.  She is now in the running for the grand prize of $10,000 cash, 20 free night stays at any Embassy Suites and an iPhone 4G to take her Twilight passion on the road. She needs votes by midnight on October 14th.

  • Her life revolves around Twilight to the point that her customers at work know about her obsession
  • She’s dedicated her living room to Twilight-themed decorations, only
  • She’s only traveled to one convention so far, due to financial constraints, but would use this grand prize to travel to more conventions to meet fellow Twi-hards and actor Kellan Lutz and to go to Forks, WA
  • She would also love to travel to Baton Rouge, LA to see the filming of the last Twilight movie
  • She cried for weeks when an emergency popped up and she could not longer attend the convention in Boston, MA
  • She proudly displays the Wolfpack banner she got at the convention in her living room, which is signed by Tinsel Korey and Gil Birmingham; she is hoping to get the rest of their signatures on her next trip, which she will only be able to do if she wins this grand prize
  • She has a ton of Twilight T-shirts and will beat anyone at Twilight Trivia
  • For all of the DVD releases, she goes to Wal-Mart extra early to be sure she has the first spot in line to get her hands on the first copy

You can check out Samantha’s full submission and vote for her at


  1. Great post! I have voted and have asked all my facebooks pals to do the same.
    Best of luck Samantha!!!!!!!

  2. Voted!!! Good luck.

  3. I have voted for her!! Although, I have to add-I think I should have been one of the finalists!! 🙂 I hope a fellow Twihard wins!!

  4. I voted for her.. good luck to Samantha..

  5. voted

  6. Twilight dreamers says:

    Voted, best of luck!

  7. Samantha H says:

    Hi, This is Your UBER Twilight fan right here, and I would like to thank not only Embassy Suites, but also Twilight Lexicon,, and Especially all the TwiFans and others that are voting for me! I wish the best of luck to all my competition but Im hoping we can show them Twifans are the BEST KIND! Thanks to everyone! Your Uber Twilight Fan, ~*Samantha*~

  8. Good luck to you Samantha!! I definitely voted and will send to all my twi-friends as well. There are lots of us behind you! WHEN you win, please make sure to keep us updated on your travels! 🙂

    • Samantha H says:

      Oh I certainly plan to keep all of the TwiFans updated! Im very thankful to have the support of the Fans all over the world! Thanks So very much!

  9. I can write in all of the characters handwritings, owned a remake of Jacobs car (even with the lightning bolt), & won the official title of “Biggest Twilight Fan” on Habbo Hotel. BEAT THAT! Lulz.

  10. I voted too! Hope you win Samantha!

  11. Voted! I really hope you win,Samantha- I love to see how dedicated we fans are to the series.

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