Possible Reprieve For Forks HS Facade

The Peninsula Daily News updated their story about the pending demise of the Forks High School Facade that dates back to the 1920’s.

Their revised account states:

“School officials still hope that something can be done to save the facade at Forks High School as a freestanding monument on the redeveloped campus.

According to the conditional use permit granted to the Quillayute Valley School District by the city last summer, the district must hold a public hearing and give the community 45 days in which to find alternate funding to pay for reinforcing the brick facade.

Reinforcement and renovation would be required for the facade to remain as a stand-alone structure as a memory of the 1925 portion of the school, which figures descriptively in the Twilight saga of novels.

A date has not been set for the public hearing.

The board voted Friday night that the facade would be too expensive to pay for out of the bond issue passed by voters last February.”

The Forks Forum has also been covering the story. Their council is pictured above discussing the matter at a public meeting. (Photo credit: Chris Cook)  Their coverage states that:

“Of particular interest is how much the winning contractor will charge to restore and stabilize the facade of the section of the circa 1925 Forks High School that was spared when D&H Enterprises demolished most of the building over the summer. Estimated costs ran from a low of about $19,000 to a high of several hundred thousand dollars.

Some of the base bids announced ranged from $12.6 million to $14 million-plus. The final dollar figures of each bid opened will take several days to calculate. Construction work is scheduled to begin later this fall.
A $1.5 million woody bio-mass school heating plant is near completion, and a ribbon cutting is scheduled for mid-October. The plant is designed to use wood chips to heat the near addition.”


  1. Come on Stephanie… You made a small fortune off Forks…. give a little back to preserve a building you made famous for it’s unusual students….

  2. Are they really that dense? Solution is simple. Put out a call for donations from Twilighters. There are MILLIONS of us. Hell, if every Twilighter donated a dollar, they would make enough and then some. Maybe send everyone that donates a button that says, “I helped save Forks HS or something.”

  3. I couldn’t agree more. With a little help, they could have the money in days.

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