Jasper Forks: Twilight Inspired Video

We had a TwiGuy named  Alex write in about this. Alex wrote:

“I would classify myself as a husband of a twi-hard fan J  My wife visits your website probably on hourly basis, and often sends me links to check out different news related to everything Twilight.  And of course, I have read all the books and watched the movies.

Here is something I came across released on one of the biggest German dance labels in EU.  There is a vocal version to the song which I heard before, but made nothing of it because they took “River Flows Through It” melody and transformed it into a song and used “Jasper” and “Forks” keywords in their project name.  Just recently I came across a new instrumental remix and a FULL 8:45 min video which is 100% inspired by Twilight and has a lot of the famous scenes from the movie.  Whoever made this awesome video had to fly from EU to Forks to shoot it.

Check it out in the link below.  I’m sure all Twilight fans will enjoy it!!!”

Some parts are a little repetitive, but you definitely want to see this one all the way through. We don’t know how we’ve never seen this before!


  1. JGroIsMyEdward says:

    This is great. I like the Greta Smidt version (great voice & wonderful lyrics) http://bit.ly/dnSKEs

  2. perlasgirl says:

    Not so much here.

  3. i just posted this onto my fanpage Australian Twilight Fandom i also tweeted it to my followers. Thanks for posting it, it’s amazing I Love It!

  4. Some very nice visuals and imagery are included, not going to lie!


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