Forks High School Facade Too Expensive to Save

The original building of the Forks High School campus that dated back to the 1920’s was taken down earlier this year. When we were in Forks last year, one of the school staff members told us about how difficult is was to maintain the aging building. Just to heat it barely effectively they had to crank up an aging and inefficient system at 3:00am. Even then, the students were still wearing coats in the building.

Originally, it was hoped that the historic facade could be preserved, but this now seems impractical. According to the Penninsula Daily News:

“The School Board was hoping to incorporate the front of the building — left standing when the rest of the condemned structure was demolished last summer — into the design of the new campus.

The facade would have been left as a stand-alone structure as a part of a grand entrance to the school.

The brick design of the leaky old building figures heavily in the descriptions of the Twilight saga, which has propelled Forks and the West End to worldwide acclaim.

But saving the facade would cost $271,000 on top of the $12.2 million construction bid accepted Friday, and its just not feasible to spend the money that way, said Bill Rohde, School Board president.”

See more on the Penninsula Daily News.

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  1. Angela Graves says:

    Too bad this wasn’t known before now. I bet Twilight fans would have sent them money, just like Gone With the Wind fans sent money to save the dresses from the movie a few months back.

  2. Surely there are 272,000 Twilight fans who would mail in a one dollar bill to save the facade. it is not like the architects have to incorporate the facade into the actual design – the Indiana State Museum saved a school facade and put it into the museum itself, to acknowledge what schools USED TO look like.

    How about it Lexicon? This is change from the bottom of our purses!

  3. At least it is well documented with pictures / film before having to be taken down.

  4. too old for Rob... says:

    Maybe Steph could help them with that relatively minute (to her) amount 😉

  5. So sad/strange – I was just there the other day – would be a shame to lose it 🙁

  6. i was there the day that they tore it down…

  7. Joshua Roberts says:

    While it is sad to see a local landmark bite the dust, it simply isn’t practicle to spend several million dollars more to try and renovate a delapidated building when they could build an updated one for far much less. Twilight fans might cry foul, but the reality is there is no guarantee that Forks will hold the same notoriaty 5, 10, 15, years from now. In short if the landmark could guarantee a constant flow of money, like the Scirven Hotel in OKC, of which was renovated from its dying delapidated state, to a fully functioning facility that could bring doe into Forks, then that would be cool, but the board of directors at Forks are being realistic and honest. They want to put all the money into a building that will vastly help their children’s education and future, not just please Twilight fans…

  8. Wonder what ‘Carlisle’ would say about how long our modern buildings stay around. There are buildings in Europe with dates from 1400’s. There are Roman aquaducts visible in some places. Still there having survived time and the air pollution from industrial revolution. The inside of buildings have been modified, but outside kept up. Stone lasts a long time.
    The children need a fully functional modern education building(s). ‘Tis no fun trying to learn and take notes with gloves on. ‘Tis a shame the facade could not be incorporated, but pictures will have to do.

  9. higgin704 says:

    If you follow the link, there is an update and it looks as though there may be a chance for the building.

    I completely agree with Joshua. There simply isn’t enough money in a county’s education budget to save something like the facade of a building. (Especially when you think of all the cuts in staffing in education right now.) However, with the notoriety of the school, it is possible the general public could save it.

    My local elementary school had a similar story. In the case of my school, they revamped the inside and saved the exterior. The building is now a older residents community, but it is nice to see that the building that has always been so central to our town, still stands.

  10. This is a sad day…not really for Twilight fans (as we didn’t have a picture in the book, we had words) but for history. The way buildings were made in the 1800’s and early 1900’s are not matched in todays, cookie cutter construction. What a shame for the facade.

  11. It’s a logical step by the School board. While they had tried to save it, it’s really not in their mandate to preserve and rebuild old buildings. It’s there job to educate young minds in the most financially responsible way possible. If it’s only $271,000, I am surprised some famous writer of an amazing series of vampire books hasn’t stepped up to the plate to offer to save it.

  12. If you follow the link and read the update on the website, it’s showing that the public has 45 days to find the necessary funding. Maybe the lexicon should hold a fundraiser or put a link on their page to help pay this. I believe that there are 272,000 twilight fans who would be more than willing to donate $1 to save this iconic facade. Just a thought.

  13. If they’ve torn down the school, where are the kids attending classes?


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