Noot Seear Shoots Fashion Movie

This is a new one on us, a mini-movie to promote a fashion line. We shouldn’t have been surprised since book trailers for upcoming novels are all the rage. Noot Seear who played Heidi in New Moon stars in this one. According to the description:

“Noot Seear stars in Gordon Hull’s noir-chic film The Getaway, exclusive for Tory Burch and featuring looks from the fall collection.”

There is also an interview on Elle with Newt about the video and the differences between shooting something like this and a Twilight movie.


  1. KSmithGray says

    Maybe I missed something… But didn’t she have one line and literally less than 3 seconds in the film? I don’t know if she’s really part of “the gang” that people care to get updates about other projects. The forks diner lady had more screen time than this one and we don’t hear about her…

    • Maybe the purpose was more for the interview and comparision between the model movie and filming a regular feature film like New Moon. The video was part of the interview and TL included it.

    • You’re right, I read about this somewhere else, too, and I spent days trying to remember who the heck was “Heidi”! LOL