Maggie Grace Vampire Makeover

Lexicon reader Adonis who did the Rami Malek vampire makeover is treating us to another one. This time she did newly cast Maggie Grace as veggie vamp Irina from the Denali Coven.


  1. Beautiful. She could have totally been Rosalie. Glad to have her as Irina though.

  2. That is totally Irina! What a perfect match of the way I envisioned her in the books.

  3. WOW! That is a great transformation.

  4. She would of been a great Rosalie. I love Peter and Nikki but it would of looked more realistic with real blondes in those roles. But I’m glad she’s Irina.
    And now we have Renesme everything is getting exciting !

  5. she looked great before but that is perfect

  6. I think she´s too plastic like a barbie, lol. But she really is pretty in RL so I think she could look good.

  7. Thanks, Adonis, for once again sharing your work with us. You are truly talented!

  8. This is how i would picture “tanya”…but either way shes beautiful;)

  9. switzy4ever14 says



  1. […] Pour être précise, l’actrice qui jouera Irina a signé donc il est certain de la voir dans les derniers volets de la saga. Il s’agit de Maggie Grace. Vous avez pu la voir dans Lost, Taken ou encore Night and Day. Voici deux photos la représentant (dont une la transformant en vampire, je l’ai trouvé ICI) […]

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