Breaking Dawn wins Teen Reads Award

breaking_dawncoverThe Teen Reads Awards were held on Sept. 25th this year.  With tough competition from other popular series like The Hunger Games and Harry Potter, The Twilight Saga still managed to walk away with one award.  Breaking Dawn was granted the Best Lip Lock Award!  Congrats to all the winners.


  1. Joshua L. Roberts says:

    What a strange award… “The Best Lip-Lock Award”… Seems sort of out of place when you consider all the other awards were based upon content/ characters/ readability… Oh well, at least the Twilight Saga didn’t dominate this contest. What a strange catagory… Best Lip-Lock…

  2. I agree. Weird one to win, but it’s cool that 2 years after it came out people are still reading/voting on it!

  3. I didn’t even know you could vote. Pretty sure Twilight would of won every single category if the fans knew about it.

  4. Joshua L. Roberts says:

    If the nominees were pre-selected then I don’t know. Breaking Dawn was the least favorit for many Twilight fans (including myself) and thusly I would have probably chosen the others over BD. Then again, as many of the fans have voted for anything Twilight related, just for the simple fact that it was Twilight, BD might have swept all the awards… so in that respect I’m glad that the votes were done farely.


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