The Volvo: Breaking Dawn Style

Given that the Volvo has changed a bit from what is in the books when it hit screens, many of us have been wondering what it will look like in Breaking Dawn.

In the books the Volvo is a S60R which is no longer made. Stephenie Meyer in the recent fansite interviews stated:

“…you know the reason that Edward drives a Volvo is to be inconspicuous and because the whole—you know, people see a Volvo and think you buy them for safety and it’s kind of a joke, like it’s the way to blend in because the last thing in the world he needs is a safe car.  So when I was doing the cars, my brothers are car freaks—you know— and I asked them.  I said, “Okay, if you were gonna drive a Volvo but you’re a car enthusiast” and they’re like: “Ugh!” And I’m like: “No, what are you gonna drive?”  And they’re like: “Well, there’s the S60 R.  Very limited, not a lot of people did it.  It looks like a sedan but it’s built for racing.”  And so I was like: “Oh that’s perfect!”

So, the intention based on Stephenie Meyer’s quote seems to be inconspicuous, but with a love of car enthusiast speed. Also add to that that the color as stated in the books and on Stephenie’s website is bright silver.

The  Twilight movie has a Volvo that didn’t quite blend in. It had that Herbie the Lovebug on crack look. It did, however get the speed and color aspects right.  In New Moon and Eclipse the pendulum swung totally in the opposite direction to a SUV with a paint job that looked black. Inconspicuous was the understatement of the year. The car was  rendered completely forgettable.  That potential speed factor was totally annihilated.

So now we are up to Breaking Dawn and we think we speak for many fans when we say CAN YOU JUST GET THE DANG CAR RIGHT!!!!!!!!! It’s a VOLVO SEDAN. They make Volvo sedans,(not a truck, a SUV, a coupe, a scooter or anything esle on wheels) it’s not that hard! Also this is silver and this is black.

Fear not, there is a solution that one of our Lexicon readers, CC, stumbled upon. Volvo has a totally revised S60 out that is an awful lot like the now defunct S60R! We played with the “build your own Volvo S60” features on the site and the pictures above are what we came up with.


  1. Amen! It would be awesome to finally see a Volvo Sedan in the films. I understand Volvo wants to sell more cars but I think they would increase their profits from fans by getting the car right!

  2. Agreed! Holy cow! With films this huge, you think they’d be able to get at least the freaking CAR right! Haven’t they heard enough of the fandom yelling at them?!

  3. Yes the volvo is important but what about the Vanquish! Surely we’re goona get to see it.

  4. It’s been a while since I last read BD but I think there was that Guardian Mercedes or something? I’d love to see Bella in it.

  5. The Volvo’s model isn’t a deal breaker for me, but THE COLOR IS!!! PLEASE MAKE IT SILVER! Breaking Dawn has a few other cars too — it would be great if they could do their best to get them ALL right! Especially the MERCEDES GUARDIAN!!

  6. I can’t wait to see Bella’s before car!

  7. There were THREE different S60’s at the time the book was published. S60, S60 T.S (I think I know the t was in it) and the S60 R. They only stopped making the S60 R, at approximately the same time the movie started filming. I think they would have kept it if they knew how big this movie could make this car…

    I want an S60, but I have to wait till I graduate college and pay off some of my school loans, which is approximately 6 years away…

  8. astonmartingirl says

    At this point, I think they have completely screwed up the Volvo. If they throw in a silver sedan in BD, it just makes the whole mess more apparent. What did Edward do, buy 3 Volvos?? Please, I just want consistency!! So keep the SUV (what is done is done) BUT they better put in the Aston Martin to demonstrate Edward isn’t a carpooling soccer mom other than when he is going to school. He is a hot, rich vampire. Give him something to demonstrate that!

  9. dragon620026 says

    Its funny how Twilight couldn’t get the S60R but Vampire Suck could.

  10. You’d think Volvo would realize that some fans actually want to buy and S60R Volvo because we want to stay true to the book.

  11. agree with all other comments! sooo want his car to be silver and not blackish :'(. But don’t think they’ll go for a sedan now given they want to attract the american audience who drives SUVs..think they’re gonna give edward an upgrade to the XC90.

    and pleeease let have Bella driving the Guardian..soo frikkin good scene it is in the book!

    And the aston martin vanquish they have to have it! just to show it like @astonmartingirl said..and the silver bike he too..:D
    ooh and the ferarri..!

    lol such a carfreak 😀

  12. Hi

    This is Kim from & I’m the one who asked Stephenie the question about the Volvo choice in our Fansite interview with her. It always bugged me that Edward’s Volvo, which was the most important of all to get right, was a fail.

    Summit please get the Volvo right for Breaking Dawn! It’s a silver sedan & while being inconspicuous still has a sexy vibe. I think the choice you show here in your post, the S60, is PERFECT!!!! It very closely resembles the one Stephenie had in mind according to her website pictures.

    Great find Twilight Lexicon, you may have just saved the rest of the films!

  13. Volvo has some really sporty cars out now, so if it’s silver it should fit. Mercedes doesn’t make a model called the Guardian, but they do make one called the Guard that is used for high profile diplomats and is bulletproof, etc. As to the number of different cars, don’t you think that garage at the Cullen house is huge and probably has many more cars in it than we’ve seen? Esme probably drives a van, and what about Carlisle’s Mercedes and Alice’s “promised” yellow Porsche? Would love to see those cars. Also, Rosalie is supposed to be an ace car mechanic.

  14. Um… As the author of an almost entirely Volvo inspired fanfic, I completely agree and actually did know about the new car months ago. In fact, I had a really long conversation about the ineptness of Summit Entertainment where Edward’s car was concerned with, of all people, the service adviser at my local Ford dealership. (At the time, Volvo was still owned by Ford Motor Co.)
    Anyway, the service adviser was kind enough to show me the all new S60 promo pics back in January of 2010. We were both hopeful that the reincarnated S60 might make an appearance at some point. As the Lex pointed out, there was a reason Stephenie chose that specific car after all. Too bad that got ignored at the beginning.

  15. I’m not a car freak, don’t know a Volvo from a Ford, but I know my colors. Edward is a rich man and he can afford to update his car with each model year, so if it looks a little different with each movie, I can handle it, but please keep it silver. That first scene where the car is revealed in New Moon, always jars me out of the story for awhile. The book specifically says its a silver Volvo. How hard can it be to get that right?

  16. At this point the need to just use the same Volvo that was in Eclipse, yes Edward can afford to buy what ever he wants and he has but in the books it was the same Volvo from start to finish so to change it again would really get off track.

  17. YES. Since they are going all out for breaking dawn by getting an oscar winning director, HOPEFULLY, they can just splurge and get the right car. I would love it!

  18. Thank you Lexicon, you’re hired! My biggest problems with the movie Volvo’s has been the color and the sedan part. I hope they take the time and effort in BD to get it right because it means a lot to us die-hard fans.

  19. Thanks for posting the link to the new S60!! I like the one you built for Edward.
    Here’s the link to the naughty hub on the website…. it’s got great videos of neat stunts with the car –
    Although different people in my family have owned Volvos over the years, I have never been a big Volvo fan. But, I might just want one of these!

  20. Thank you! The car has bugged me in every film, it’s just a car, it’s not like it’s that difficult. I’m praying that they get the car right this time. Your example is perfect!

  21. No one ever points out that Rosalie had a red Mercedes convertible in the first movie, not a red BMW M3 convertible. 😉
    I work in the automotive industry and there are a lot of business decisions behind a product placement like this. We’re lucky that Edward is driving a Volvo and Carlisle is in a Mercedes. It would have been very easy for Edward to have ended up in a Scion or a Ford or some other brand that was willing to pay for it.

  22. You will all be very pleased to hear that I can tell you that the car will be a Volvo S20R in Breaking Dawn. (My husband works for the company that is shipping the cars to Baton Rouge for the filming. So have no worries, it will be the correct model car, finally. The color is a smokey gray, still not silver, but at least the model is correct.

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