Why Are Vampires Sucking In Female Fans

Arizona Central explores vampires from Bella Lugosi’s classic interpretation to current favorites like the vampires of True Blood and Twilight, and examines what has changed to spark the current interest. They talk about the common ties even though each mythology is different. (photo credit: Crystal Ochoa/The Arizona Republic)

“In business terms, the numbers are huge. The first three “Twilight” films, featuring Stephenie Meyer’s brooding teen vampires, have earned a cumulative $1.76 billion at the box office, according to the “Hollywood Reporter.” “True Blood” has emerged as HBO’s most successful show since “The Sopranos.” And in the publishing world, Meyer’s books have sold around 100 million copies.

“This particular subject seems inexhaustible at the moment,” says Jay A. Fernandez, who wrote about the business of vampires for the “Hollywood Reporter.” “If you really widen your gaze to the different types of pop culture, it’s endless.”

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  1. …that twilight’s Bella and Edward have indirectly brought 7 billion to Hollywood.

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