Peter Facinelli on Whatever With Alexis and Jennifer

Peter Facinelli had an appearance on the Hallmark Channel’s Whatever With Alexis and Jennifer.

Highlights from their conversation include:


A: You look very, when I say old that’s not what I mean, you look…

J: Alexis!

A: Not now! In the movie.

J: Well in the movie he is old. He just told you he is three hundred and fifty years old, but he never ages. He is very pale because he is a vampire, but if he is caught in the sunlight, he twinkles.

P: It’s hard to look good dead.

A: No, I don’t mean that. I mean that you look very mature like you look like the father like its very apparent.

P: Well, I also played him very mature which is kind of one hundred and eighty degrees from the character I play on Nurse Jackie which is very immature. So I brought, hopefully, a lot of maturity to the character which is what you’re seeing and not seeing me as an old vampire geezer guy. ”

See the full video on the Hallmark Channel.


  1. Peter is soooooo gorgeous and his wife is just as amazing! Good people like that are rare!!!!

  2. Nothing geezerish about Carlisle.

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