David Slade Heading to Vancouver Discussion Panel

David SladesetAccording to the Canadian news outlet The Province:

“Take away the screaming fans outside the barricades, and the making of the mega-hit vampire romance Eclipse had a lot in common with the harsh indie drama Hard Candy, says the man who directed both movies.

David Slade is returning to Vancouver, where he spent a year working on this summer’s blockbuster hit Eclipse, to talk to an audience of new filmmakers at the Vancouver Film and Television Forum about crafting a movie scene.

“It’s kind of similar, whether you’re working for a big studio or on an independent film. It’s never a playground,” says the British-born Slade, who will talk about the filming of a couple of scenes from each movie Oct. 2 at the industry-themed component of the Vancouver International Film Festival.

The forum hosts filmmakers at the Vancouver International Film Centre from Sept. 28 to Oct. 2. Also speaking will be Jennifer’s Body director Karyn Kusama, and Vince Gilligan, creator of TV’s Breaking Bad, among more than 70 Vancouver-based and international writers, directors and producers. Registration information and a full schedule are at www.viff.org.”

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Via Twilight Examiner

David isn’t the only film maker involved in a panel discussion. This coming weekend, Melissa Rosenberg is in New York City as part of the New Yorker Festival on a panel with Stephen King. Given past commentary of Stephen King, this should be interesting at the very least.


  1. I too am curious about what may be talked about on the panel discusion with Stephen King and Melissa.

  2. Yes, me too. I don’t want to sound sarcastic, but I’m wondering if Stephen King will — again — explain to us (as he did to USA Today) what the appeal of Twilight *really* is, which I believe suggested that we’re all too immature for portrayals of real sex. Because we’re all very young girls, you see.

    Oh, and that point about how “Stephenie Meyer can’t write worth a darn [because] she’s not very good.” Tell us all about it, Stephen. Please. Go right ahead.

    King should remember, because USA Today printed, shortly thereafter, that he was flat wrong because “At the end of the day, it’s the fans who are judging, and sales prove these books [by Meyer] are fantastic.”

    So, if Melissa gives one inch on either point to Mr. King, I’ll get the torches, if you all can gather the pitchforks. And we can meet at the castle, around midnight.

  3. Twilight9009 says:

    I lost all respect for Stephen King after he said that about Stephenie and Twilight. Who is he to say why we like the books or who is a “good” author? It ribbed me the wrong way. On another note, according to Gossip Cop Eclipse reached the $300 million mark 🙂

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