Rachelle Lefevre Interviewed in Montreal Gazette

Photograph by: Maude Arsenault, The Gazette
Rachelle talked about her upcoming film Barney’s Version (the film that was in conflict with the Eclipse shoot schedule)

“We’re sitting in a typical hole-in-the-wall café in Little Italy, the cement floor amplifying the noise of the cappucino machine and old men gossiping at a back table, when a young man approaches and says he thinks he knows Rachelle Lefevre.

The Montreal-born, Hollywood-based actress handles it well, even when he sits down uninvited at our table; she’s gracious and kind, asking if they’ve met. They haven’t. The obvious is left unsaid: he probably recognizes her from Twilight, the wildly popular vampire film franchise in which Lefevre played evil Victoria in the first two of three movies. Welcome to the downside of celebrity in its most benign form, a small intrusion into everyday life.

Lefevre, 31, was in town this summer for Eyes Wide Open, the extravagant masked ball to benefit the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. She agreed to play model for us and talk about fame, film and fashion.”
See more on the Montreal Gazette and make sure to click on the photo gallery that goes with the story!

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  1. I love Rachelle. She’s such a wonderful person.

  2. she is so pretty.

  3. I miss her… But wish her all the best in all her future projects.

  4. She’s so unbelievably beautiful, and smart

  5. Still believe with all my heart she should have had the part of Rosalie, she oozes gorgeous.

  6. She’s gorgeous, but that is not the most flattering picture.

  7. Wow, what a picture! That Rachelle is absolutely gorgeous. All I could think of when watching BDH in Eclipse was geez, I wish it were Rachelle instead. Oh well, she’s moved on so I shall too. The very best to you Rachelle:)

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