Fanjunket Friday: Apples Are Everywhere

Twilight Series Theories has a huge 15 minute segment of the fan junket interview transcribed. It is mostly about Stephenie’s interactions with fans.

Fansite: And then we just want to know, out of all the things we’ve touched on today is there anything that maybe you want to say to the fans that you haven’t been able to say?  Any message or…

SM: You know, I feel like the fans, they know, they know me.  I feel like they kinda know who I am and that I appreciate them.  I write for myself, and I have to, but I appreciate them because having an audience is a gift and I do not take that for granted.  It is really amazing to sit in a room with people and talk about people that you made up: “Hey, let’s talk about my imaginary friends!”  And you guys care about my imaginary friends, and that’s weird, but…

(chatter and laughter)

Fansite: At least you don’t have to take medication for it.

SM: Exactly! [inaudible] I get to talk to people about it.  I’m not a therapist.  No, it’s cool because writing is—for me, everybody has something different for them.  And you guys all write, in a different way, but I’m assuming there’s a lot of pleasure in it for you or you wouldn’t do it and so you know what it is to have somebody read what you’ve written and enjoy it.  It’s a really big deal, and so I just hope that people keep reading.  I hope they give me a chance.  I hope when my next book isn’t Midnight Sun that people still will give it a chance.  I feel bad that that’s a negative for the fandom and it’s something I that I want to do, but I want to do it right, and that’s just how—and I only write when it brings me joy.

Fansite: Your happy place.

SM: It is my happy place.  And having readers is a different happy place, but a really fun one. And as you can see from the books I love reading.  I love books.  I love being in that world and one of the coolest things with helping, you know making people happy, is [for] a lot of people this is the springboard and then they go on to bigger and better and exciting books.  There’s so many cool things out there.  People that—being a reader is who I am my whole life—and that people haven’t discovered that makes me a little crazy.  It’s like: “No! There’s so much!”  I remember talking to a guy when I was touring for The Host and he was mic-ing me up for the Glenn Beck thing that I did, which was weird.  I haven’t done that a lot where you’re looking at a camera and you’re supposed to be talking to them…and oh it’s creepy.  We’re talking and he’s like: “So you wrote a book about aliens?” And I’m like: “Yeah.”  And I said, “What do you like to read?”  He says, “Oh I don’t read books.  I’ve read maybe three books in my life.  I hate reading.”  And I thought, “That’s because they gave you the wrong ones!”  They gave him the wrong ones and he has no idea of all the stuff that he’s missing.  It makes me a little crazy.  I just want everyone to go out and find Jasper Fforde.  And I want [them] to go out and find Mark Zusak and I want them to find these amazing books and go to the young adult section and find what’s out there.  There’s so much.  If you haven’t read Suzanne Collins, oh my gosh, do it!”

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