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Twifans has an update on the Twilight Guide. They asked Stephenie Meyer about its status during their fanjunket interview:

Alison: And the real question was……is there any word on the official Twilight guide?

TST: Now that “Bree” (the book “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner”) is out, and it’s out of there…

SM: Oh, I know…

Alison: Please tell us, it’s not like Midnight Sun, like you’re not doing it?

SM: Oh no, no, it’s continuing. It just…it keeps evolving. So then we have to catch up… I don’t know. I hope that when it comes out, it’s amazing. Because it seems like a lot of effort has been put into it at this point. And it is kind of evolving, and “let’s do this, no let’s do this”. It’s going to have a lot of great information, and it’s really cool. I think my favorites are the genealogy charts for the Quileutes. They are beautiful….they’re lovely.

TST: We want to know when it’s going to be done. That’s what everyone wants to know. They’re like “I’ve pre-ordered it!”

See the full transcript and the audio file on Twifans.


  1. No,i just want midnight sun. not about genelogy i dont want to buy it an dread it. Midnight sun pleaseee?

  2. Excited about this ! It will probably come out after part one of Breaking Dawn.

  3. Hopefully it will come out after Midnight Sun..!!!

  4. please finish MS and include Edwards POV in Breaking Dawn. I dont want to know nothing else bout the WOLVES and could care less where they come from. I suffer enough having to read that crap in Eclipse!

    • I so agree with you on the wolves, enough already
      I found Jacob annoying in Breaking Dawn, the way he kept hanging around.

  5. UGH there was no answer! And it sounds really cool! I pre- ordered it a year or more ago and I’m really sick of waiting. I by accident bought one of the really horrible ones because i thought it was official. It was HORRIBLE it got so much wrong. So don’t buy The Twilight Companion: The Unauthorized Guide to the Series by Lois H. Gresh.

    And by god stop whining, I want Midnight Sun too, but stop with the pressure. It won’t be any good if shes under a lot of stress. And she has said time after time that she can’t write with people looking over her shoulder and she wanted to wait until people quiet down about. Sooo the faster everyone shushes up the faster we can get the book!

    • I, too, bought the unofficial guide. It SUCKED big time..!! All the answeres to the quizzes are in her point of view, not the point of view of the reader. For example, one of the questions were: if you were a vampire, what would be the first thing you do- go to a loud concert, (forgot the second possible answer) or go crazy off roading. I chose the off roading because that is the kind of person I am. The correct answer was the loud concert. So vampires only like concerts, not the outdoors?

    • Totally, totally agree with you ML! I think SM is doing us the greatest favor and courtesy right now as a triubte and “gift” if you will to her fans by devoting herself to being sure that Breaking Dawn is translated into the best movies, better than the previous 3, which I think she is more disappointed in than she lets on. When Twilight was being made into a movie she said at that time that “if they even get just one scene right” she would be happy. No one, of course, knew then what a world wide phenomonen the Twilight Saga would become. But, even so, with NM and Eclipse she had far less influence than most ppl believe. You can read between the lines in these transcripted interviews and see that she really, really did not like some scenes as they were done, but was powerless to change them. So, I respect her integrity and commend her for stepping up to make BD the best yet and the 2 movies that will satisfy all her devoted fans. What she does after that, is frosting on the Twilight cake.

  6. Twilight dreamers says

    Look guys, Im excited for this! Even though I to find the wolves and jacob very annoying, the guide is important you know? Its like heres all the info about the world I live in, in my mind. All cool and probably more backrounds on vampires and the cullens! As for midnight sun? I wish i could have it tomarrow but i respect stephenie enough to wait for it. if she takes her time, it will TRULY be worth the wait. -M

  7. Ok, could someone please tell me what is actually supposed to be in the guide? Has she ever really said?

  8. Love what you wrote, KittyC…that gives me a lot more hope for BD.

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