Peter Facinelli on Monroe, MI

UPDATE: Sorry, but the video is not working reliably, we have had to pull the link down.

The video is the latest in Peter Facinelli’s mall appearances. Peter routinely appears in malls across the country to speak about Alex’s Lemonade Stand, and a portion of the signings goes to support Alex’s Lemonade Stand. By our count, Peter has done well over 20 of these events this year.


  1. My daughter saw Peter Facinelli (aka Dr. Cullen)Saturday at a mall in Dubuque for one of his fundraisers…..she brought back a photo of her and her friends with him….I say uh screw team Edward and Jacob, I am for Team Carlisle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I was there, too! It was the second time I met him at an event like this, and it was AWESOME! Had two friends with me. He’s always so gracious and generous! Love him–Team PFach ALL THE WAY!

  2. I got to see Peter in Monroe, Michigan yesterday and he is awesome. I saw him in Sandusky two weeks ago also. He is such a nice guy, great with all his fans, taking time to give everyone a hug or just to chat a second. I love that he is so personable with his fans and that he is giving to such a great charity. I recommend everyone go out and support Peter in his efforts.

  3. Out of everyone (Team Vampire, Team Wherewolf, and Team Human) Peter Facinelli, IMO, does more public appearances than anyone. He is the greatest!!!

    Go Peter!!

    • Yeah and it’s great that his appearances are so accessible to fans by going to malls where anyone can easily go. I’ve met him before and he’s so sweet and such a genuine person. The best of luck to him with his charity work!!

  4. Oh man! I was in Monroe SATURDAY. I wish I had known he’d be there!

  5. I saw Peter 2 weeks ago when he come to Sandusky Ohio. I had the opportuinity to speak with him on a local radio station 2 days prior and then to meet him in person. It was so great for us because, look at it, I live in OHIO. Peter took the time to speak with everyone for a few minutes and didnt’ rush people along one bit. I am a policeman and i gave him a patch from my Department.
    We joked that I was the only man there surrounded by scores of women. I told him how i am made fun of all the time by my friends, especially my co-workers and even my Wife for my addiction to twilight. he was soooo cool. and for a man who’s not afraid to admit that he loves a love story, and entirely addicted to every aspect of it. espeically Emmett because I see alot of myself when I was younger and alot more careless in his character. I told Peter how much it meant that he came to OHIO and even though he meets tons of people and hears it all the time, That meeting him was one of the most special things to happen to me(aside from the birth and adoption of my children). He was such a GENUWINE person. ok, enough of my soap box. Big Daddy PFach is the Vampire King of OHIO!!!!

  6. I’m sure that Monroe had not experienced this level of excitement since Kaye Lani Rafko won Miss America back in 1987! 🙂

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