Get Your Tickets For the Eclipse Re-release!


Fandango is selling tickets for the re-release of Eclipse in theatres this weekend. You can buy advance tickets to the re-release of Eclipse in celebration of Bella’s birthday!Click on the link  to find a theater near you, showtimes, and to order tickets!


  1. I will just go to the dollar theater in my town and watch it if i want to see it again. A re release is kinda goofy in my opinion.

  2. So I want to see the re release but I’m a college student in a town that only has one theatre….so far it doesn’t look like the theatre will have eclipse….I am upset…

  3. Doesn’t look like my local theater is picking up the re-release. So hope that changes, I’d love to see Eclipse at least once more on the big screen before the DVD comes out.

  4. This is really stupid. It’s still playing in the main theater here… not even the dollar theater yet. How can they have a re-release of something that’s still playing?


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