Eclipse to Be Released in Theatres


Just in time to celebrate Bella’s Birthday on September 13th, Summit Entertainment is re-releasing Eclipse in theaters. Perhaps re-releasing isn’t quite the word since you can still find it in theaters now if you scrounge around and its box office run hasn’t officially closed (and likely won’t until October/November). Here’s what Summit Entertainment put out on their Twitter:

“In celebration of Bella’s birthday, ECLIPSE will be re-released in theatres nationwide this Friday!”

Now given that they will put the movie back into wider distribution, and that the current movie choices are generally considered by most movie blogs as lackluster at best, Eclipse should clean up this weekend.  We’d be stunned if by the time exact figures are released on Monday, Eclipse hasn’t reached the $300,000,000 mark. This will be the first time a predominantly women’s drive movie has reached that mark since Titanic hit it over a decade ago.

So, will one more visit to see Eclipse in theaters this weekend be on your agenda?


  1. Awesome!! Already making plans to go again!!will be the 4th time! So happy they’re doing this

  2. Umm…YES!! I’ll be there! Great idea!

  3. Will see it my TENTH time!!!

  4. If I didn’t have a Gala for work, I’d be seeing it at least Saturday and Sunday!! *taps chin while counting* This will make at least 21 times. Yep, I’m a complete loser like that. LOL!!!!!!!

  5. I might go. Seeing Victoria’s head ripped off is money well spent!

  6. Is this happening in the UK too?

  7. EverythingRemindsMeofTwilight says:

    YES!! #8 for me and 16 for my mom. 😀

  8. Oh for crap sake…will they just get on with the damn DVD already!!

    • Ditto.

    • Unfortunately I have not yet seen Eclipse, it just hasn’t been in the budget. But I agree, I was waiting for the DVD to come out, but I hate missing seeing it on the big screen, because the largest TV I’ll be able to watch it on is the 24″. So maybe I’ll get to see it this time around, but I really would rather just pay for the DVD as opposed to going to the movie theatre.

  9. I will be going on Friday. I have seen it 11 times already (almost as many as New Moon). Will this be shown only on Friday or is is also Saturday and Sunday.

  10. This would be fun!!! It left my area too soon…. 🙂

  11. WOW!! I cannot believe it is still in theaters. Eclipse left our theater at the end of July. I went about five times. I do agree with Anonymous: put it out on DVD already.

  12. I’m psyched and will see it for # 4 – but I agree – just means a longer wait for the DVD. Christmas maybe?

  13. Having a hard time finding a local theater who will be showing it. Want to see it 4 the fourth time and make sure my playlist is in the right order!

  14. Most likely…however it never left the theater here(Lynnwood, WA). I was just in Port Angles yesterday and it is on the marquee there was Vampire Suck! it was great and I got pictures of it.

  15. Theres a theater near me (Hooksett, NH) that plays movies that are not in the theaters anymore untill they are released on DVD.

  16. I’ve seen Eclipse nine times so I’ll round out my theatrical viewings at ten. I’ve heard the dvd is going to come out in December and hopefully we’ll get a cast commentary on the dvd.

  17. Well Duh! Of course I have seen it almost once a week since it came out! It’s my favorite movie so far. I just hope Breaking Dawn isn’t a let down since it’s going to take FOREVER to get to see it.

  18. Maybe I’ll go see it again on 9/13 since it’s my birthday too!!! although, I am a bit older than Bella… 😉

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