Taylor Lautner’s RV Lawsuit Settled

US Magazine got the the scoop on this one. According to US:

“McMahon’s RV has agreed to settle its dispute with Taylor Lautner. McMahon’s RV will pay $40,000 to Lautner, which Lautner will donate to The Lollipop Theater Network, a children’s charity with which he has a long-standing relationship,” Lautner’s attorney Robert Barta tells UsMagazine.com exclusively.

Adds Barta: “The Lollipop Theater Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing movies currently in theaters to children confined to hospitals due to chronic or life-threatening illnesses. The Lollipop Theater Network works with hospitals nationwide, including the greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas.”

There are more details on US including a statement about an emotional distress clause being a standard legal clause(which we said in our previous coverage). Taylor was not a diva with an emotional breakdown. It’s amazing how some sites, particularly gossip sites run by ex-attorneys overlooked that fact.


  1. I believe that statement about an emotional distress clause being a standard legal clause was not being over looked by those gossip sites. They are deliberately left out and twisted to make Taylor look bad.

  2. Sounds like a neat charity. I’m off to research it.

  3. Glad that this has been settled. Poor guy, I can only imagine the many websites leaving off the fact that he is donating the money but rather just focusing on that he got paid. I appreciate the tone of the US article and setting the record straight. 🙂

  4. Taylor Lautner is a real class act.

  5. Anomynous M says:

    He sued my moms company (McMahon’s RV) and makes them look bad, but i love him and he deserved the company to get his trailer done on time. He did a wonderful thing donating that momey to charity instead of keeping it. I hope he’s happy with his new Trailer. McMahon’s RV is a wonderful Rv dealer. Both my mom and aunt work there. 🙂

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