Baton Rouge Gearing Up For Breaking Dawn

Bill condon handBaton Rouge businesses are looking forward to the economic boom that the filming of Breaking Dawn is likely to bring from those directly involved with the film to visitors hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite actor.

According to the local ABC affiliate:

“For confidentiality reasons, we can’t talk specifics about productions that we’re dealing with,” said Patrick Mulhearn, Director of Studio Operations at Celtic Studios.

“Well, there’s not too much I can say about the details of ‘Twilight,'” said Chris Stelly, Director of Film Industry Development with the Louisiana Economic Development.

While the movie’s publicist will only say the “when” for production kickoff is late this fall, a commercial real estate agent says one of his lease properties is where pre-production is in full swing.”

Both Melissa Rosenberg and Bill Condon(seen above) have been spotted in town from time to time. It’s been widely publicized that actual filming will take place in November and principal photography might be slightly ahead of that schedule. The actual filming is likely to  be mostly indoors on a soundstage making getting a look at actual filming unlikely.

Similar secrecy surrounded Eclipse with only some outdoor scenes involving Xavier Samuel and Bryce Dallas Howard being spotted by fans waiting on sidelines.

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  1. I want to make a little trip there some week-end but would not have a clue where to go once I got there. This is exciting because its prob the closest they will ever come to me in MS. I was always so envious of fans in Vancouver, Portland and even Calif. who had a fighting chance to meet our favorite characters. I may drive down anyway if I get a clue, fellow lexiconers keep me posted.

  2. Agreed, K. I wish I lived closer to LA so I could drive down as well. I too have been jealous of fans in the areas you mentioned b/c they could have a shot at seeing the sets and such. Maybe we should all set up a Lexicon group and take a group trip down there! 🙂

  3. lauriesiana says:

    Hi gals! This is my first time posting here. Better late than never, right? I was actually planning on checkin’ out the set a few times over the next few months, as I live only a/b an hr. outside B.R. Me and a friend are headin’ out there tomorrow actually. I’m almost more excited a/b getting the chance to meet other fans than see any filming going on. Please shoot me a msg. if there are any meetups being planned! 🙂

    • Count us in! I have been so excited. Thus far I haven’t convinced anyone in my family to participate except maybe my future and totally big hearted son-in-law who would do absolutely anything I ask of him. lol I have to work hard not to take advantage of him in this matter….but I’m weak. lol

  4. Anyone know what scenes they are using Baton Rouge for?

    • All of the interior scenes such as the wedding and inside Bella and Edward’s cottage will be shot on the soundstages. The exterior shots will be filmed in Vancouver like the showdown with the Volturi and the wolf-pack.

  5. Lol I live in Vancouver lol

  6. That post states:

    Similar secrecy surrounded Eclipse with only some outdoor scenes involving Xavier Samuel and Bryce Dallas Howard being spotted by fans waiting on sidelines.

    However, there were far more outdoor shots including the meadow, fight training, battle, new borns emerging, Jasper’s back story, Rosalie’s back story, parts of the tent scene (though parts are studio also) and a few more…

    Just Sayin’

    I anticipate most Baton Rouge will be studio and most Vancouver will be exterior – either way I am excited for news on filming 🙂

  7. I live in Mississippi also and I am beyond excited
    that BD is filming in Baton Rouge! I am planning to go and see if I can get a glimpse 🙂 find me on Facebook if you want and hopefully I’ll see yall down there!

    • I’m as far NE as you can get in Mississippi so I imagine it will be a long 7 hr drive for me, but what fun. Alot closer than Vancouver tho; lol

  8. Some of the info is incorrect. Both of the stars
    noted were killed by Edward’s hand in Eclipse.

  9. i am wanting to plan a trip to BR, it would be a half a day’s drive from here in e. tx but just wondering if it would be worth it.i would only really have a wknd worth of time to spend there.if there are any sugg. out there please comment back or send me a msg on fb.thanks!

  10. i’m in florida is like 15 hr drive like meagan s. wondering if it would be worth it ? I need more info where to go pls ..

  11. Thanks again for this great article, I will be sure to tell my friends.

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