Vote for Eclipse at Moviefone End of Summer Movies Poll

With the end of summer fast approaching, Moviefone is asking movie goers what their best and wost pics of the summer were. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and its stars are listed in several categories including favorite on screen couple, best chick flick, and the movie that was most worth your cash.  But it wouldn’t be a poll if there wasn’t the all important, never ending question of Jacob vrs Edward.  The guys have some competition this time around in the category of hottest leading man with Javier Bardem from ‘Eat Pray Love’, Robert Downey Jr. from ‘Iron Man 2′,  Zac Efron in “Charlie St. Cloud,’ and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, ‘Inception.’  Be sure to vote for all your favorites as well as which film you are most looking forward to next summer!


  1. Noah Brighten says:

    You know…the results of polls like this sort of take away even if slightly, my love of the Twilight Saga. While I enjoyed Eclispe, it wasn’t nearly as good as Toy Story 3 or Inception… It just goes show that no matter what is there, if Twilight is in the list, it will dominate… Are Twi-hards reall that shallow to simply vote for Twight for the sake of Twilight? Oh well… its the box office that matter and both Inception and Toy Story 3 pulled their own weight in gold… so hey…

  2. I didn’t vote for Twilight in all the categories. I voted honestly. And I love Twilight.

  3. Noah Brighten says:

    I voted for Twilight in some catagories as well… I’m not saying that Twilight fans shouldn’t vote for Twilight. I’m saying people, if they are going to vote, should vote honestly. Polls, the MTV movie Awards, and such use to be a lot of fun before Twilight came along, because it doesn’t matter how much better the other contenders are, anything Twilight is going to win. It sort of takes the fun out of the whole show, becuase I know that anything Twilight related is going to win, regardless of quality.

    I want Twilight things to win, but I want them to win because they were really that GOOD, and not just because they are apart of the Twilight Saga…

  4. I do have to say, for those of us twi-hards who, truly, hardly EVER get to the movie theater (small children work schedules, etc) I only voted on the twilight polls anyways. I don’t really think it is fair to fault people for voting for something that they love. If there were only 1 movie that you could choose from to see over the summer, I have a feeling most us would have seen Eclipse and skipped the others. Just sayin.

  5. Noah Brighten says:

    However, if you are correct, and that were the case, while Twilight Saga would still be a strong contender, it wouldn’t be getting 100:1 ratio in polls. I know for a fact of a few sordid people who voted in the same poll between 50 to 100 times, even going to different computers. That’s not passion… that’s obsession, and it isn’t real. Most normal people don’t have time nor the desire to repeatedly vote for their same movie.

    Again… I’m not faulting people for voting for what they love, but I’m also asking folks to be realistic and fair.

  6. Noah…point well taken. Agree 100%. I just happen to be one of those that voted once because I love the saga, and moved on. I try not to pay too much attention to the rest 🙂 Thanks for your perspective!

  7. That poll was stupid. I think mostly teenagers voted a bunch of times. Because, lets be really honest people. That guy from Inception is way hotter than RPatz. The only reason people even think he is hot in the first place is because he is Edward.

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