Gold Pass Giveaway for Twilight Tour Minneapolis


We have a pair of Gold Passes for Creation Entertainment’s Official Twilight Tour in Minneapolis to give away. The event is THIS WEEKEND, and it marks THE DEBUT OF NIKKI REED on the Official Twilight Tour.

Here is what you get with Gold Passes for this event as stated on the Creation website.:

1) You get the VERY BEST reserved seating for daytime convention MAIN AUDITORIUM events, all THREE DAYS. See all our celebrities up close, great for photographers too! The MAIN AUDITORIUM is where we have star appearances, Q&A, contests, videos, special events, & more.

2) FREE in-person non-rushed autographs from TWILIGHT celebrities in attendance including NIKKI REED, BRONSON PELLETIER, KIOWA GORDON, CHRISTOPHER HEYERDAHL, MICHAEL WELCH, JULIA JONES, JODELLE FERLAND and BOOBOO STEWART! Awesome and if bought separately, worth a big portion of the entire Gold Price.

3) FREE ADMISSION to The VOLTURI VAMPIRE BALL Saturday Night… Fans from around the globe congregate in their finest vampire wear to raise the roof! Prizes for best costume and best dancers! Here’s the perfect way to meet and mingle with fellow fans and there will be special unique appearances by some of our Twilight celebrities including BRONSON PELLETIER! A DJ is set, as is a Cash Bar, and this party is fine for all ages. Come dressed to kill!

4) YOU ARE FIRST to get autographs for all our signings that are done row by row in the MAIN AUDITORIUM. We go row by row, you are in the first rows: you get the idea!

5) FREE ADMISSION to the FRIDAY NIGHT MUSICAL CONCERT (performers to be announced).

6) GOLD PRE-REGISTRATION: you get to register FIRST during a special pre-registration block of time. While not a necessity, just a benefit, you can get your credentials early and you are set!

7) SPECIAL CODED WRISTBANDS: once you get your GOLD coded wristband this allows you immediate entrance for the entire three days so you don’t have to wait again.

We are giving away a pair of these passes, and choosing the winner by 12:00 noon eastern US time on September 1, 2010. Just tell us what you love about Nikki Reed and/or the character of Rosalie in the comments, and we’ll pick a random winner tomorrow!

There are still tickets available at various prices. You can attend for as little as $20 on a day pass. See the Creation site for details.


  1. Unlike most of my friends, I love the character of Rosalie. Unlike most of the others of the Cullen clan, hers was an almost perfect life. She just aligned herself with a fiance that turned out to be a monter. His actions not only killed her, but after Carlisle turned her, Rosalie felt it turned her into a monster. She used that status to exact revenge on the men that raped and murdered her.

    After she was turned, Rosalie accepted her existence but she never really embraced it. She laments life and what could have been. I can understand her dislike of Bella, because Bella has the one thing Rosalie wants – life.

    I love how she played a huge role in Breaking Dawn, because only Rosalie could understand what it meant for one of their kind to have a chance to bring life into the world instead of take it.

    I also love how Bella and Rosalie’s relationship in Breaking Dawn was a true grey area. In the book you always wondered if Rosalie truly cared about Bella or just wanted to see the child born.

  2. Rosalie will be the most pivotal Cullen of them all.. Some day, Rosalie will have to convert little Renesseme into a vampire. Renesseme will age, along with Jacob. She will bypass her mother and father in age, perhaps have hybrid children with Jacob. Renesseme will start to feel the effects of middle age. As she starts to slow down in age; Rosalie, the vampire most against becoming a vampire will love Renesseme so much, she won’t be able to allow for Renesseme to die.

    Edward will be dead set against it. He will not take a chance of destroying his daughter’ soul. Bella will not go against Edward’s wishes and Rosalie will take matters into her own hands (or fangs).

  3. I’ve loved Nikki since ‘Thirteen’ She is a wonderful actress that totally becomes her character. While playing Rosalie you can actually hate her,love her and feel sorry for her all in one scene! The line ‘I was a bit theatical back then’ was one of my favorites in Eclipse. And she delivered it flawlessly!!
    I would love to meet her to tell her how wonderful she is!!

  4. I love how alive Nikki made Rosalie seem! She really did an excellent job!

  5. I love how Rosalie cares so much about being a wife and mother. Those aren’t values that are highly featured in teen literature, so it’s awesome to see that the most beautiful girl in the series who seemingly has everything she could wish for would give it all up just to raise her own family.

  6. Sarah Morgan says:

    I love how Nikki portrayed Rosalie in the three movies so far, and I’m really looking forward to seeing her expand her character in Breaking Dawn! My fave Rosalie part in Eclipse was her revenge scene… I can’t wait to see the extended scene on the dvd!

  7. Ali Halbmaier says:

    I like the character of Rosalie becuase she’s raw. She doesn’t really hold anything back. If she’s in pain over something, she’s going to let you know.

    And I like that she voices her opinion about Bella joining the family. I agreed with her that Bella was a risk for the family.

    I also like that because of her personality, Bella knew she was the one to call when she found out she was pregnant. I don’t think i would have trusted anyone else with Renesmee. Rosalie is the only one who would stand up to Edward if it came down to it.

    Like I said, she’s raw and opinionated and I love that.

  8. Ali Halbmaier says:

    I just love how raw and opinionated Rosalie is.

    She was the one to voice her opinion openly about Bella joining the family and how it was a risk when it seemed that everyone else saw her as the missing piece to their coven.

    And I lvoe that Bella picked her when she found out she was pregnant. No one else really stands up to Edward, so Rosalie was a perfect choice, i think.

    She’s raw and opinionated, just like me. 🙂

  9. Rosalie is great because she does what she wants. She’s not afraid to tell people how she feels about anything.
    Basically, Rosalie just rocks.

  10. The reason I like nikki reed is she’s down to earth and they couldn’t of found someone better then nikki to play roslie she brings out the sassy and hard shell of roslie she’s a wonderful good person and what more can I say she helps with charities and she’s cool with the fans she makes a effort to come out and sign shirts and even if she’s tired she smiles through it all she loves to make the fans happy and to make them laugh
    That’s why I like nikki reed

  11. I love Nikki Reed. She seems like a great person and she is a wonderful actress. I loved her in Eclipse and hope to see more of her in Breaking Dawn. I’m looking forward to her and Taylor throwing blonde jokes and dog jokes around.

  12. Nastassia Ramos says:

    Nikki Reed’s character Roaslie is one tough cookie. She means no harm by all means, don’t mess with her because we know she can get violent without shedding one drop of blood. I honestly admire her character. She is very blunt and real. She doesn’t hate Bella but she also isn’t to fond of her because of her decision. She understands the consequences and effects of becoming a vampire therefore her moody ways towards Bella. Rosalie loves Emmett and she’d do anything for him. I understand her point, she had it all, until her fiancé Royce did what he did that fatal night. Though she found Emmett and is happy she still craves a child of her own, grandkids and to grow old with her love. I love her character and her acting. She is just honest which may be mis-interpreted as being rude or evil which she is not. She just wants Bella to see both sides the good and the bad. She’s very REAL! This is why I love Rosalie’s character she hides nothing, always very truthful. 🙂

  13. Indra Isita says:

    I love Nikki Reed because she is down to earth, honest, portrays Rosalie hale perfectly and she just loves acting! She is such an amazing actress and inspiration. I think no one could portray Rosalie as well as she can. Her performance in Thirteen and Cherry Crush was outstanding and she continues making incredible performances. I think no one understands Rosalie from the start, but once you dig deeper into her old life, you understand her and know where she’s coming from. I love Nikki Reed and her character Rosalie because they both teach you so many things just by learning a little bit about them.

  14. You know what I like about Nikki Reed? She had the balls to take on a role where she risked being universally disliked, but she did it anyway and MADE ME LIKE HER with her New Moon / Eclipse perfomances.

    Plus, my husband thinks she’s wicked hot, so whatever keeps my man happy makes me happy!


  15. Rosalie is my favorite character from the movie and I love Nikki as well.
    She is such a sweetheart and a great actress

  16. Catherine Elizabeth says:

    Niki Reed is one of the most creative and strong figures in Hollywood today. When you watch her interviews you can tell that she cares deeply about all the work she does. In the work she produces, it is evident that she gives her all, and I can not imagine meeting a stronger or more beautiful woman.
    On Rosalie
    Many people do not enjoy Rosalie because of the way she treats Bella, but she comes from a past of having her life cut short, having your future ripped away from you so violently can leave such a nasty scar on all your interactions. Luckily we are able to watch Rose evolve from bitter “rival” of Bella to a strong and fierce ally. Its a beautiful progression.

    Catherine Bouie

  17. There are many reasons why I like the character Rosalie. She is super confident and is not afraid to say what is on her mind. I like that she sticks up for herself and the things she believes in. She also loves Emmett so much. They are so cute.

    I love Niki Reed because she is a great actress and she is everything that I want to be. She seems like and amazing person and she seems like she would be a great friend. I love all the movies she has been in and I think that she plays the best Rosalie ever and she compelety perfect for that role.

  18. I love Nikki Reed’s spirit; she seems so happy and full of life. when she plays rosalie she is a completely different person and it is cool to see that difference. She brings such an intensity to the role; I am looking forward to her future film projects for sure! I like rosalie’s character because she seems most like a vampire; she is the not so sweet one and that’s fun to see!

  19. Rosalie’s character is, I think, one of the most complex of all the Cullens. Having been changed after such a violent act, she is stuck with a lot of baggage. Sadly, too many girls are affected by this type of abuse and it can haunt them the rest of their lives, much like Rosalie is haunted by her past.

    I can also appreciate that Rosalie is true to herself and uncompromising in her beliefs. It would be easy to “go along with the crowd” especially in moments like Bella’s vote, but Rosalie sticks with her beliefs. Though I might not always agree with what she thinks, I admire that in her.

  20. I love Nikki Reed. She’s always seemed like a groovy chick to me. One that in a different life I could be totally be friends with. I love how Rosalie makes the best out of her situation. She didn’t want to be a vampire. I like that Rose is honest and straightforward to Bella about her life and about what’s going to happen.

  21. AngelaStar says:

    I have been interested in vampires for at least 20 years and the one thing that sticks out is a vamp that is not typical. Rose is not typical. As most, I really didn’t care for Rosalie in the beginning. After she states her story to Bella in Eclipse, as everyone, else did too, I got a better understanding of her. What makes her different is she isn’t,”poor me I’m a vampire” or “spoiled” (ex Lestat). She embraces it, to an extent. But that doesn’t mean she won’t tell you like it is. She doesn’t glamorize it for Bella. She is truthful, not something you see in a lot of vamps.

    Nikki has done a great job playing Rose. The only thing wrong is the blond wigs and gray makeup just do not do her natural beauty justice. It is a great honor to have her coming to Minnesota…I never thought our “you betcha” state would be so lucky as to get a Cullen after the rescheduling of the convention, but we were 🙂

  22. Rosalie is very strong and powerful even though she has no ‘real’ power. I belive that she could scare Jane with one her famous glares. My FAVORITE thing about Rosalie is that she saved Emmett’s life … and I guess she kinda saved Renesmee’s life too. She really went though a lot when she was a human and she became really stong because of it. She is defenitly the strong woman of the Cullen, which fits Emmett perfectly!!

  23. annamaria a says:

    To tell you the truth Nikki Reed is one of the most interesting person I have read in interviews and watched… I love the twilight saga it would be a dream come true to meet some of the cast!!!! She inspired me to take acting classes to try to live my dreams since i was 6, its hard for a single mom of 5 wonderful baby’s it would be a dream come true if I had a chance to see her in person!!!!

  24. I love Rosalie! One of my favorite quotes in the whole series is from her! I love how she knows exactly what she wants and even though it’s risky (for Bella) she works hard to get it, and to give Bella what she knows she wants.

    I also love Nikki Reed and the wonderful job she did at playing Rosalie. I also love how Nikki seems like such a happy person. I would really love to meet her!

  25. I love Nikki Reed because she’s soooo pretty and plays Rosalie perfectly. She’s a wonderful actress and is a fun person.


  27. I love the way nikki reed has perfectly played the role of rosalie in the past three movies. she is an amazing actress and put a lot of thought into this role and it shows. shes very humble as well, in an interview I watched she was talking about how she doesnt know how she could have even been considered for the role of “the most beautiful girl on earth” as rosalie is supposed to be potrayed. but truly watching nikki on screen it shows that shes is a beautiful woman inside and out. she’s just an amazing person and deserves all the best.

  28. nicole merino says:

    so the reason that i LOVE Rosalie is because she is not afraid to say her opinions or hurt bella’s feelings she says wat she says beacuse she knows what is right ad wrong and wat she sees…i also love that she is such a strong woman just like nikki reed we need more woman strong and independent(: i also love Nikki Reed! who plays th character because without her we wouldnt have the amazing character of Rosalie. i also love that she has the almost motherly aspect that also makes her charcter unique! i love them both and love the work NIKKI REED IS DOING LOVE YA! heheh(:

  29. I am a big fan of Nikki Reed. I am especially pleased by the way she plays Rosalie – it could not have been any more perfect. I like how strong her character is. It’s almost like… her being so intensely quiet and always so bitter makes her character all the more powerful. Nikki Reed depicts exactly my mental image of Rosalie as I read the books. She is Rosalie to me. I also like how strong Nikki Reed’s role was in Thirteen. She’s a very influential person. I’m still simply blown away by how breathtakingly perfect Nikki Reed is for the role of Rosalie.

  30. Lauren Davison says:

    I think Rosalie is a great character in the twilight series I think the way she acts with jacob in breaking Dawn makes the series funny also the way she loves an cares for renesme I think shows a different side to her and expresses how caring she can be.

  31. Rosalie in the first three books, really wasn’t my favorite to be honest. But, once she helped Bella out with Renesmee in the last book and picked on Jacob, she became someone I started liking a little more. When she was cast as Rosalie, I thought she was the best portrayal of what I pictured in my mind while reading the books. So, overall. Rosalie has to be there in order to make the books/movies have some sort of drama. Thank you Nikki Reed for being the best at playing Rosalie, and making Twilight exactly how I pictured it, while reading.

  32. Kaydee Lenzen says:

    I love Rosealie because she is mean in the best way. She really doesn’t care who she might offends. We all know she really cares and that makes it even better. Plus she is really hot!

  33. I have actually been a fan of Rosalie since the very beginning. I love how powerful and emotional her backstory is and how she found Emmett and true love. When I found out that Nikki was going to portray her, I looked up everything I could about her and just fell in love with her. She is a phenomenal actress and I think she is the most underappreciated of the cast. She also gets a lot of heat for no apparent reason. Nikki is smart and super talented. She isnt just an actress but she is also a writer, director, and I think she will go on to do amazing things. I would LOVE to meet Nikki this weekend at the convention. It would be phenomenal. It makes it even better that Rose is my favorite character so I am very excited about Nikki attending.

  34. i love nikki reed because she seems like she is such a down-to-earth person and really cares about the people around her. But at the same time its like she wont take crap from anyone; she knows what she wants and will go for it no matter what.

  35. I believe Nikki Reed is an awesome actress. I remember her from Thirteen where she played a sassy, rebellious teenager. I find there to be some similarities between her part in Thirteen and Rosalie’s part. I guess it’s just the spunkiness she portrays. Nikki performs the role of Rosalie flawlessly. I see Rosalie from the book come to life in the movie (which I love to see). Rosalie was one of my favorite characters from the book because she is opinionated and speaks her mind. She doesn’t hold anything back, which I respect.


  36. I think Nikki is the absolute opposite of Rosalie. While Nikki looks like she’s always happy, searching for an adventure, needs rush in her life, Rosalie is a quiet person, trying to be in the background, wants to see the good in people, in what she’s not always successful. I always try to compare both as sugar and salt. I don’t want to say, that I think Rosalie isn’t sweet (she is of course) but that’s the way I compare them. Nikki’s living her sweet life, enjoying it and tries to make the best out of it. Rosalie doesn’t often think of the good things (for example Emmett) in her life, she’s always a little bit depressed and thinking there’s no sense in her soulless life. It’s about to change in BD, when Nessie is about to come, but let’s just don’t mind that. I can imagine that it was very hard for Nikki to play the contrary of herself. But she’s doing it perfectly <3 It would be really nice to meet her, I actually never had the chance to do something like that. But the other comments here are pretty hard to challenge. Thanks though for even getting the chance. Love this site =)

    *Sorry for double posting but it seems that nobody has noticed my comment and didn't moderate it or something went wrong :/

  37. Rosalie is very honest and I think people have a hard time seeing the difference between honesty and being mean. Rosalie is honest with the rest of her family, she never hid her feelings about not wanting Bella to become a vampire. Nikki Reed plays the part of Rosalie perfectly, she makes Rosalie seem so easy to dislike, but so likeable at the same time and that’s how I thought Rosalie came across in the books. Nikki seems so happy and pumped up about being a member of the Twilight Saga, which is important for fans like me. Meeting Nikki and other cast members would be a dream come true! 🙂

  38. I love the way Nikki Rees brings the character of Rosalie to life. She is a terrific actress and I hope to see her in a lot more films!

  39. i love nikki reed and i think she is an amazing actress. I love the way she plays Rosalie in the twilight movies. Rosalie doesn’t like what she is and she would do anything to be in bella’s place. She doesn’t want bella to become a vampire because of the consequences, like how you are stuck in time and you cant have a family of her own. She does an incredible job in these movies. People think that nikki is just like rosalie but she is the complete opposite. She is outstanding at what she doesand it would be an honor to meet her.

  40. I think Nikki Reed does a great job of bringing the difficult character of Rosalie Hale to the screen. 🙂 I can’t wait to see her and Bella become friends in Breaking Dawn.

  41. There isn’t really much I can say that no one else has really mentioned but I really do like Rosalie as a character. She is strong minded strong willed woman. She knows what she wants and what she feels and is able to vocalized or show it. I feel that it is strong and brave of Rosalie to apologize to Bella for the way she has acted and explain her story on how she had become a vampire. Rosalie is someone that Bella strives to gain acceptance from. Bella looks up to Rosalie for life skills and ways of living in the vampire world. Rosalie also is the one Bella trusts when she believes she is pregnant. Bella trusts her opinions on her pregnancy and the going ons of it. I also look up to Rosalie for her strength and her ability to vocalize her opinions.

  42. I love how Rosalie stands up for Bella when she is pregnant even though she doesnt agree with Bellas decicion to become a vampire.

  43. Melanie Bokinskie says:

    I love Nikki Reed because despite being involved in Hollywood, she stays true to herself. She doesn’t go out to be seen. She goes out to have good time with friends. she treasures her friendships with her costars and loves her fans and the twilight movies because it has given her so many more acting opportunities and has really opened doors for her. Nikki is so down to earth and has a great sense of humor. no matter what people say about her she stays true to herself. That’s the reason she fits the character of Rosalie so well!

  44. I love her character. She’s awesome and funny. I loved the scene when she scares her ex she’s a good actor and great for that role!

  45. I love how strong Nikki is. She is a very confident young lady. Also very talented. Loved all of her movies. Thirteen, Mini’s First Time, Familiar Strangers, Last Day of Summer, and of course all Twilight saga’s. She gives her all to everything she does on and off screen. She is an amazing person. Tell her to keep up the great work.

  46. I admire Nikki Reed first, because she co-wrote a movie when she was only in high school. I’m 2 years out and couldn’t do that even now. 🙂
    and she hasn’t seemed to be sucked into the party scene, even when she could be. She seems so down to earth, and a genuine person. That’s so rare among younger actresses in teen movies. Can’t wait to meet her in MPLS!

  47. TheJessicaNyles says:

    Nikki is one of the most amazingly talented girls I’ve ever seen. She can act SO WELL and she is such a role model for me. I hope one day I can be as amazing as she is. I smile whenever I see her act onscreen. I really do, she’s SO TALENTED! She’s down to earth and I LOVED her in the movie Thirteen. She really knows how to get into the character and remain that way. She also doesn’t act fake, she’s a completely real and original celebrity and that’s what I love most about her. Nikki is the best. End of story 😉

  48. Because I saw the first two movies before reading the Saga, Nikki Reed just IS Rosalie to me. Nikki shows the depth of Rosalie’s character, a character that could mistakenly be played very shallowly. Rosalie is standoffish, with simmering anger, but it is subtle. Nikki accurately portrays this complex character.

    When reading the Saga, I was always intrigued with Rosalie: she is incredibly beautiful, yet so unhappy. The fact that fun loving Emmett is her mate just adds to the intrigue. The animosity she feels for Bella and Edward adds interest to the otherwise harmonious Cullen family. I love how Rosalie evolves throughout the four books and can finally find her nurturing self in Breaking Dawn.

  49. Paul Solinger says:

    I don’t mean to sound shallow, but Nikki Reed is hot. She is very bad ass in eclipse. Her fighting scenes were incredible. As a person, I find Nikki to be humble and down-to-earth. She is the type of person I would like to see my daughter turn into.

  50. I feel that Rosalie is the strongest female character in the saga. This is a woman who felt she had everything she ever wanted, who thrived in her own narrow view of the world. Then her world shattered. Completely and, with an air of utter disbelief, shattered. Not only was the man she loved not what she thought, he was the lowest if the low. Sheltered in her human life abd brought over without knowing what had happened, Rosalie reinvented herself–let her true self out. While she is gaurded with her feelings, you can count on her to be honest abd forthright when asked. She may not have the most popular opinion, but she stands by her convictions

    Rosalie is a woman to ve respected, admired, abd an inspiration for all of us

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