Fanjunket Interview: Movie Titles, Actor Performances and More

Twilight Series Theories has a transcript of the Stephenie Meyer fan junket interview. Now a bunch of it has been seen before on other sites; however there is new info that didn’t make the cut in the other version. What’s also good it that it’s one long section in chronological order so you can see how one topic flowed into the other.

Here’s a snippet:

“SM: This one she says may not be answerable.

Kallie: It may not be legal and that’s okay. If it’s not, okay.  I feel like a rebel right now.

Kassie: You are.  I told her not to ask it.

Kallie: I’m the straight-laced one.  Okay, so Breaking Dawn the book is being made into two movies.

SM: Yeah.

Kallie: Breaking Dawn I, Breaking Dawn II?

SM: Oh the names?

Kallie: Yes, for the movies.

SM: Oh I don’t know.  I don’t know.

Kallie: Do you have any ideas or anything?

SM: I don’t have anything.  I was thinking about that one because Breaking Dawn I and Breaking Dawn II is really flat, but then what else are you gonna do?

Kallie: I think we should look towards the Alien movies and what they’ve called them ‘cause I always think that the baby scene…

Matt: “Breaking Dawns”?

Fansite:  You know how it’s like breaking out?

Kallie: Yeah, “Breaking Out” is number one and Breaking Dawn can be number two.  No, not really.  But you know—”

See more on Twilight Series Theories, and definitely read all the way down because there is a lot of brand new information at the end.