Peter Facinelli Worst Vampire?

What do you think of how Peter handled the situation?


  1. chey cullen says:

    this is ridiculous . carlisle would be 1 of the best vampires ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well, our beloved Facinelli never says what you’re expecting. Creds for the answer!

  3. I think that’s ridiculous!! He’s a good vampire, he plays the roll perfectly!! And he does not look like that other guy at all!!

  4. His response was awesome and I agree. What a classy guy huh ?

  5. HA!!! Fach’s response was PERFECT! Once again, that ranking was written by someone who probably hasn’t read the books so he doesn’t understand Carlisle’s nature. Typical.

    “You had me at solid actor.” hahahaha

  6. Go Peter. IMO, in the books, Carlisle is the most non-vampire ever. Think about it: when he figured out what he became, he tried to kill himself. Also, where have you ever read of a “vegaterian” doctor. So ya, I can see where Peter said it was a complament because to Carlisle, it would be.

  7. This just further solidifies my admiration for Peter as an actor. Such a great sense of humor. Talk about handling the high road with style!

  8. I just love to see critics rate, discuss and rip apart movies they will never comprehend. But when you are being paid for your opinion the truth is never envolved. Rock on Peter!

    • Twilight dreamers says:

      True! Critics are once again W-R-O-N-G! Carlisle is a doctor and the all around ‘good guy’ why would he be scary? somebody who looks like an “angel” doesnt look scary! as for peters response? Rock on peter very well said!

  9. I adore Peter… and he rocked Carlisle. That opinion came from someone who never read the books. To me, if you haven’t read the books, you have no right to an opinion.

  10. I agree with all you guys!!! Peter ROCKS!!!

  11. chey cullen says:

    he responded vry calmly and dat was very admirable

  12. His response was perfect! He fits very well what Carlisle is. It’s obvious the ranker didn’t read the books.

  13. Love Peter Love Carlisle!! Whoever ranked Carlisle as the Worst Vamprie is an arrogant idot!

  14. Well, you know what they say about opinions. Peter may not make the best vampire in someone’s opinion (I think he rocked the role of Carlisle), but they got the solid actor part correct.

    And nobody is discrediting his hotness!

  15. He always is a gentleman and the best PR man for the Twilight Saga. Love him and the way he can turn this into a compliment! But then, he’s right. Go Peter!!!

  16. Noah Brighten says:

    You know folks when you consider that there aren’t really any compassionate, harmless, self-depreciating vampires in actual lore and mythology… Carisle is quite possible the worse vampire in history. So yeah… he ain’t a good vampire, but then again… that is a GOOD thing. If he was a “GOOD” vampire, he would have ended up like the Volturi…

  17. Yeah Noah, what you said. And I think Peter’s answer was perfect. It would have been disappointing if he had gotten insulted and whipped out a nasty remark. Ever the gentleman, that Facinelli. Handles everything in style.

  18. Peter is always a class act. I love how he responds with humor and always positive. I honestly don’t think there is a better role model from the Twilight cast.

  19. Citizen Erased says:

    Oh my god XD It’s Rolling Stone, who cares? Rolling Stone can’t even critique music let alone movies. As soon as they said “Rolling Stone…” I was like hahahah this is going to be good.

  20. Such a gentleman. But, we already know this.

  21. How can he be voted the worst vampire? Of course as many have already said,the person that made this report,obviously knows nothing about the character. Carlisle is my favorite character in the books,because of his compassion for others and how he fights for his family when situation presents itself. He reminds me of Prof. Dumbledore in the Harry Potter books,because you have this wise old figure that pretty much knows everything and how dangerous their worlds are-one being the wizarding world and Carlisle’s being vampires. So you look to these elder figures for the answers. I haven’t read Rolling Stone magazine in years and now I see why I quit.

  22. Dead on–the critic was definitely not aware of Carlisle’s compassionate personality. I’m truly impressed with how Peter handled this unfounded criticism. Class act!

  23. Carlisle rules, and RPatz is one word. crazies.

  24. radiowidow says:

    Peter Facinelli shows his classy side yet again! The Twilight Saga appeals to people like me who enjoy the lore, but not the gore. I love the character of Carlisle as he shows that you can choose to be a victim of your circumstances for the rest of your existence, or you can choose to overcome them and make a positive difference in the lives of others in the process. The character and the actor who plays him are both great role models!

  25. Where are they… I’ll kill them!!! I love peter!!!!

  26. Peter’s response was perfect. He did a wonderful portrayal of Carlisle, but the make up artist could have done a much better job with his makeup. I disagree on the best vampire being RPatz. As someone who is a devoted Team Edward in the books, I was actually rooting for Jacob in the movies. Rob’s portrayal was too stiff and monotone.

  27. Anyone who can turn an insult into a compliment without getting mad is amazing! they obviously didn’t read the books though b/c he is one of the coolest,hottest,and awesome vampires in the movie!!!!

  28. MeganRose says:

    Dude! LOVE his response. And it’s so true!! Carlisle is a terrible vampire in the sense of being a terrifying, blood-sucking monster. But he’s the BEST vampire in the sense that he’s the most compassionate vampire there’s ever been. Peter totally gets Carlisle. Perfect response! That’s the way to handle things like this. Plus, love the bit he threw it about the model dude!!! 😀 LOL!!! <3

  29. Peter plays the perfect Carlisle.

  30. Peter handled it perfectly with his wit.

  31. Twilight Nymph says:

    Peter, is an awesome Vampire. You can totally see he plays the compassionate one, which is what Carlisle is. If they can’t see that then too bad.

  32. carlisle is by far my favorite character, and peter is by far my favorite twilight saga actor. i love how every single comment on here is so positive toward peter/carlisle. i hope he takes a look at this website and sees all the support he has/deserves. he is totally all wrong for your typical vampire… but that’s exactly why we adore him!

  33. If “the best” means “the scariest”, then Peter Facinelli is definitely the worst. But that’s just because Carlisle is supposed to be like that and he, as the great actor he is, understood his character completely. I looked at the rest of the “contestants”, and apparently, in the critic’s opinion, being a good vampire, however weird that might sound, equals being pretty much an old-school, ruthless, cold-hearted monster, whereas being a bad one (“bad” as in “not vampire-ish enough”, not as in “evil”, of course) means having, as Louis put it in 1994, “a lingering respect for life”. Yes, I did watch “Interview with the Vampire”. Multiple times.

  34. Noah Brighten says:

    After reading some of these responses, I can see why people hate Twi-hards… Carisle is a FICTIONAL character. As I’ve started in regards to traditional vampires (of lore and legend and most films) Carisle would be the worse vampire. They aren’t trashing Peter… They aren’t insulting him. By the criteria they used, it makes sense that he would be a terrible vampire. People are jumping all over the critic for somebody who doesn’t even exist. Secondly, critics shouldn’t have to read the books to understand what is going on in the movies. To state they shouldn’t have an opinion because they haven’t read the books is absurd. They are movie critics, not literary critics. By all accounts the Twilight Saga movies have been so-so films. While they aren’t “Jiggle, Catwoman, TF:Revenge of the Fallen” bad, they have been plagued by a bit of stilted acting, bad dialogue, bad CGI, and in some case fluctuating scene progression. Most of us Twi-hards have agreed on these things. We still love them regardless, but if we ourselves have issues with the movies, then why are so many fellow Twi-hards shocked when a movie critic has gripes? It’s a double standard and it shouldn’t be.

    If the movie fails to address certian plot points, then it isn’t the critics fault if he/she doesn’t geet it… it’s the fault of the film makers. In the long run, the a movie should inspire somebody to read the book, but it should have to be manditory in order to understand the story of the movie.

    • Totally easy questions to answer…think of these books as family. Seriously, we are sooo attached to these characters. We might fight with our family but we don’t want anyone else to diss them. Its weird I agree, but you have to admit, these are not your normal books or movies. These are ours. No one gets to mess with family. At least thats the way in my family. I might beat my little brothers a– but no one else better try it. I know everything you said is spot on (for normal movies and books) but you would not be on The Lexicon if these weren’t that something extra. I’ve never went to a fan site for any book or movie, and I’ve loved many, including Harry and Lord of the Rings. What you are seeing here is from the heart, and really quite extroidinary if you think about it. We all want to love and protect daddy Carlisle (and Peter) lol AWESOME

  35. Leslie O. says:

    I agree with Peter…if Carlisle is considered the worst vampire ever then it is a compliment. He isn’t supposed to be evil and running around eating people. 🙂 And as always, Peter is lovely and very much the gentleman. I will always be a fan of him and every project he is in. It’s so nice to see celebrities who are humble, funny and genuinely nice people as opposed to some of the conceited jerks who let the business change who they are (or else bring out the horrible people they were to begin with!). Jenny is one lucky lady to have such a wonderful husband and father. Peter is a sweetheart.

  36. Jazz Girl says:

    So much love to Peter for this reaction. It’s just utter perfection. Way to go Peter. You nailed it.

  37. prettiladybyrd says:

    Peter was awesome and I agree that he played the role perfectly! So keep up the good work!!!!!



    But isn’t that EXACTLY how he’s suppose to be?


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