MTV: Nikki Reed Talks About Co-Stars Upcoming Projects


  1. wikivicky says:

    this might seem random..but i dont know why im not really fond of kellan and ashley they seem like the most arrogant of the cast dont get me wrong. i think the most friendly and down to earth people are peter, jackson and taylor

  2. Nikki is such a sweet girl, and I would love to see her and Jackson in the same movie!

  3. The more interviews with Nikki that I read, the more impressed I am with how caring and down to earth she is. Not a drama queen, or attention seeker at all. I hope she gets some good parts soon. She really had Rosalie down in Eclipse and they finally made her look great.

  4. Maria TwilightManiac says:

    heyy 🙂
    I’m from Spain and I’m absolutely fall in love with Edward.
    now I’m watching “Twilight in Forks” and I really love to travel to Forks for see The Cullen’s house and everything,
    thanks for your info on your wedsite.
    I’m so proud to talk to you.

    Thanks for your info and everything

    I Love Youu!

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