Fanjunket Friday: Stephenie Sounds Off on the Volturi and Flawed Edward

Twilight Fans has more coverage with the fanjunket with Stephenie. This week it’s about the Volturi, the actors who play them, and flawed edward.


SM: We kicked around a lot of names with that. And Michael Sheen was Chris’ choice (Chris Weitz, director). “Frost/Nixon,” he’s a great actor, but I couldn’t see him as Aro.

Alison: Oh, Lucian! (the character he played in the “Underworld” movies)

SM: Well, I hadn’t seen the “Underworld” thing, and I was like, “I don’t know,” I kinda had a different mental image. I had this actor, that actor that I wanted. And he talked me into it. First day I saw him on set, I went up to Chris and I said “thank you so much. You were right, I was wrong. I will listen to you forever, because you were SOO right on that one.”

Nikki (LTT): When he delivered that line, it’s just like, “oooooh!!”

SM: It was a delight to watch him go in there. Every little take he did something different. He did slightly different things. Always, of course, lines were perfect. Never a mistake, but he would give something different for the director to pull from. And he’s so great, he’s a really interesting guy. So much fun to talk to.

Bekah (LTT): My husband, who thinks I’m crazy, when Michael Sheen was in…

SM: That’s one of the reasons I love that movie…I love watching him, where every time he comes on, I’m like, “Say something!”


SM: I hate that Jamie Campbell Bower didn’t get as many lines. He is chilling. He actually tried out for Demetri. And he was too scary for Demetri. We were watching it. There was another guy that — Demetri is supposed to be — Charlie (Bewley) was sort-of the in-between. Demetri was supposed to be smoother and calm people down. But then of course, maybe people don’t want to ever have somebody as the peace maker. They want all the tension. So Charlie was scary, but not as scary (laughs) as Jamie. Jamie was CHILL-LING. And that his face took the makeup like nobody else. He has no pores! His skin was perfect! He got in the makeup, and every line he delivered had so much weight. It was like “more, more please.” Caius needs a story. The whole thing with him and Michael Sheen was great. Well, Marcus too.”

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  1. Meyer Vampire says:

    I would love to see that footage. I bet he was menacing.

    Also, as much as we love Rob playing good guy, Edward, I can’t wait till he plays a baddie. I know he’s gonna be chilling. I hope I get to see that someday.

  2. Thank you! I’m so sick of hearing people say that Edward is too perfect. He’s not! (Hello people!! New Moon is all because of a mistake by Edward.) He’s flawed just like stupid immature BRATTY Jacob. But I woudn’t use the term bratty for Edward.

    I am so happy that CW picked Michael Sheen to play Aro he wa…s simply AMAZING!!! I was kind of bummed his character wasn’t in EC just so he would come back. One think I’m looking forward to in BD is MS as Aro.

  3. i get so annoyed when people say edward and bella are perfect. its like they havent read the books! They both have obvious flaws!

    • oh my gosh, i just had an epiphany. There are all these Bella-like-people who are all “Edward is a perfect god-man” because thats how Bella see’s him, but people who read as them selves, and not as Bella, can see when he’s not!

    • I knw rite! it’s crazy how ppl don’t see that!

  4. cullen lover says:

    edward is not completely perfect b/c he leaves bell but didnt he leave to keep her safe he didnt know jacob was a werewolf so he may not be perfect but no one else is either!!!!!!


    TEAM EDWARD …………. exept for when jacob takes off his shirt 🙂

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