Nikki Reed: Wanting the Breaking Dawn Family Reunion


  1. I really hope they don’t screw up this movie.

    • Rogue_Leader says:

      Victoria – I whole-heartedly agree with you! The first one — Twilight — was fantastic, but the last two have gone down hill. Personally, I think it’s because MEN have been in charge of those movies; they just simply don’t get the story. I’m just not “feeling” Edward in New Moon and Eclipse like I did in Twilight. Bella never would have taken off on Edward right in front of him like she did by hopping on Jacob’s motorcycle.

      • I know, it didn’t make any sense that Bella would leave Edward like that on the road. But I loved New Moon. The only thing that was missing there is the conversation between Edward and Bella in her room, after they return from Italy (I was looking forward to some Edward quotes). And Twilight, well I guess it was ok for the first movie. I did miss the blood typing scene. I really hope they don’t screw up Breaking Dawn, especially because it’s the trickiest of them all. *crossing fingers*

      • yeah, I don’t think i would like twilight very much if I were just a movie person. You have to read the books to get it, and the movie is like a companion to that. That’s also why alot of hater’s don’t get twilight, because they think the book’s are just like the movies, but they’re not, you know?

      • Hm not men directing them, It was that Dang screen writer. She is horrible. Also the time cap they are putting on the films. The books are very long, if it take 3 hours to tell the story right, the fans would pay more to watch three hours of Twilight Sega.But what we got was a gloss over of what could have been.No Depth!!! And a screen write that is really awful. She one time said she can tell were Stephanie”s work ends and hers begins, But we the fans Can!!!

  2. I agree with the above comments. I have seen Eclipse a few times now, and I’ve sort-of gotten over my initial concerns about how “harsh” Bella seemed with Edward, which was so far from “book” Bella. I know they have to change things when adapting to screen, but the thing that still doesn’t sit right with me is Bella’s “monologue” at the end. If I hadn’t read the books (many times over) it wouldn’t have bothered me, but they really changed the entire essence of Bella and Edward’s relationship with that scene. For her to go on and on about how it is her world and that is where she belongs…yeah, that’s true, but from day one, she has wanted to become immortal for one reason: to be with Edward. Thinking about the scene in the book when Edward worries that she is more eager for immortality than just for him, and she tells him that there’s no point to forever without him. Her speech at the end of the movie is basically the opposite of that…saying “this isn’t about you.” I realize that some people criticize her character for not being “strong enough” or independent enough, but all the books are about her choices, and she always, always chooses to be with Edward, no matter the cost. Where was THAT in the movie? It is those concerns that make me a little nervous about BD, but I’m hoping that with Stephenie producing, it will be right.

  3. I don’t know why people are so upset about Bella running off with Jake. I mean she wanted to talk to him and get some stuff of her chest, she wasn’t just doing it to be mean, and Edward was keeping stuff from her. So she’s ticked at Edward for lying and she wants to talk to Jake anyway. I don’t think she was being mean. She knows Edward knows it isn’t her leaving him for Jake. Edward knows she won’t cheat on him.

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