Julia Jones Meets Fans at Chicago Comic Con

The admins who run the Julia Jones fansites got to me Julia and to go to her Q & A at the Chicago Comic Con. Here is part of their report:

“Someone asked her if she had anything current or from the past that she was obsessive over like the Twi-Hards are over Twilight. She said the closest thingthat she really liked that came close to obsession was the musical ‘Rent’. She went to New York City one day and slept on 47th street to get front row seat tickets for the musical (I think she said she did this more than once too). She also auditioned for this musical a couple of times as well.

She reads works from the classics’ era, especially Ernest Hemingway. Her favorite actress from back in the day is Audrey Hepburn. She admires her strength, individuality, and especially her desire to not conform to society’s expectations.

If you didn’t know already, Julia has prior experience in modeling. She probably will not go back to doing that anytime soon because she didn’t like feeling objectified. When she was first making her way in Hollywood, she’d be led to projects where she had to look ‘hot and sexy’. She’s pretty certain that she was being led down the ‘sex symbol’ route, “So thank God for the character Leah Clearwater.”

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